Ewatt Aerospace Receives Innovation Enterprise Award and Was Elected Director of the Intelligent UAV Professional Committee in Beijing, China

Ewatt Receives Interprise Innovation Award

On the afternoon of Feb. 1, China’s annual meeting for the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance and The year of Ding You Artificial Intelligence annual awards ceremony was held in Beijing at the Guobin Hotel. During the meeting, a professional committee of China's Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance was established and some council members were selected. Ewatt Aerospace was elected as director of the Intelligent UAV Professional Committee, and was awarded the Innovative Enterprise Award.

Beginning from the end of December 2017, the organizers invited dozens of experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence to form a jury and to select enterprises and individuals who have performed outstandingly in the past year. Participating were companies throughout the UAV fields, as well as intelligent robots, an intelligent voice interactive system, an open-source platform, intelligent manufacturing of key technologies and equipment. Through the comprehensive evaluation of the status of the industry, future development planning, technological product innovation, R&D investment, qualifications, corporate culture and corporate social responsibility, etc., along with enterprises like Ewatt Aerospace, have finally stood out and received the title of "Innovative Enterprise."

As a leader in industrial UAVs, Ewatt Aerospace has been adhering to the concept of science and technology, leading the future. Based on traditional industrial UAVs, Ewatt continues to introduce the latest cutting-edge technologies to serve the needs of different fields of the market.

The future development of UAVs, especially industrial UAVs, will shift from the "aircraft thinking" in the past for flight stability to the pursuit of completely intelligent robotic UAVs. From China, a group of world-class giants will emerge in the field of artificial intelligence. In addition, the unmanned aircraft industry with artificial intelligence becoming deeply integrated is the most anticipated field for the birth of these technologies.

Source: Ewatt Aerospace

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