Evluma Launches Low-Glare LED Roadway Luminaire

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the launch of a new roadway lighting product: RoadMax

RoadMax RX1 Streetlight

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the launch of a new roadway lighting product: RoadMax. The RoadMax series will include three sizes: small, medium and large, and a range of wattages designed to replace legacy HID 100w, 250w and 400w cobra heads. The first model in the series, the RoadMax RX1, with wattages ranging from 30W-70W and an estimated output range of 3,000 to 9,000 lumens, is estimated to start shipping at the end of April 2022.

This sleek and stylish luminaire was designed with RP-8-18 roadway requirements in mind. The unique optical design offers a combination of roadway performance and glare control unprecedented in the industry. "RoadMax is an advancement of Evluma's reputation for low-glare, visually pleasing outdoor lighting," says Taisha Bezzo, National Sales Director. "RoadMax addresses contemporary concerns regarding disability glare and light trespass from roadway lighting while maintaining exceptional pole spacing."

Multiple luminaire configurations for Type II, Type III and Type V, all with zero-uplight (U0), are offered. Additional features such as a field adjustable wattage selector (FAO), light trespass shields and a choice of photocontrol sockets are available. RoadMax can be customized to include Evluma's Photocontrol Failsafe, a patented technology that solves photocontrol failures on street and area lights. Compatibility with ConnectLED, Evluma's Bluetooth app for wireless lighting controls, enables dimming and dimming schedules without the need for a network. Evluma's comprehensive 10-year warranty and signature 20kV/10kA surge protection come standard with every model. 

RoadMax RX1 debuts at TechAdvantage March 7-9, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee, and at LEDucation March 15-16, 2022, in New York City.

For more information, please contact Cathleen Shattuck at cshattuck@evluma.com.

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Source: Evluma

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