Every Hour An American Dies Of Oral Cancer: The Morning Blend Discusses Solutions

Boston Dental Group discusses life saving dental technology to detect problematic growths and diseases within your mouth.

With a brand new website launch and constant media coverage Boston Dental Group is readily making an impact amongst the people of Las Vegas. They are one of the biggest dental offices with over 13 locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Some topics covered by recent news span from Oral Cancer, to dental check ups and teeth whitening advances. Boston Dental Group now has their hands on new technology that detects questionable growths within the mouth for quicker, more adequate resolutions.

Most of their Morning Blend segments focus on Oral Cancer. 1 American dies every hour of oral cancer, which attributes to 40,000 people nationwide. It is a scary statistic, but if discovered in time they say that 80 to 90 percent of these cases can be cured. It really comes down to adequate dental exams that can detect early signs of the disease and then can be treated. Boston Dental Groups utilizes advanced dental technology that can discover the root of serious issues that are attributed to serious illnesses. "If anything persists for more than 2 weeks, you definitely want your dentist to take a look at it," states Dr. Sarika Anand, DMD of Boston Dental Group. Make sure you are aware of any abnormalities within your mouth.

The Morning Blend is locally broadcasted through Las Vegas on channel 13. It airs every weekday at 9 a.m. to keep the Las Vegas population current on trends, local companies and newsworthy stories. Other appearances made by Boston Dental Group promote children's dentistry, back to school deals and promotions for new patients. For children who are new to Boston Dental Group, you may qualify for an exam as low as $0.99!

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