EuroChem's Lithuanian Fertilizer Producer to Resume Production Following Agreement With Government Administrator

EuroChem's Lithuanian fertilizer producer to resume production following agreement with government a

Leading European phosphate fertilizer facility Lifosa AB is completing preparations for the restart of production in December 2022. The plant is a part of the Swiss-based EuroChem Group AG, which is a subsidiary of AIM Capital Ltd, a Cyprus-based entity under the control of Linetrust PTC Ltd. 

EuroChem Group AG recently announced a reduced-capacity restart of production following an agreement with a government-appointed administrator. Operations had been suspended in September 2022. 

"With the need to continue fertilizer supplies to key target markets in Europe and the Americas and the importance of Lifosa AB to Lithuania, we are pleased that we will be able to restart production in the short term," said Samir Brikho, CEO of EuroChem Group AG, in the statement.

As one of the largest global fertilizer producers, EuroChem Group AG is committed to the utmost level of social responsibility. EuroChem Group AG continues working to obtain sustained access to world markets, which will strengthen the supply of fertilizers so as to combat global food insecurity. 

EuroChem Group AG has fertilizer manufacturing facilities in different countries. Its Lithuanian subsidiary, Lifosa AB, employs about 15% of the working-age population in the region of Kėdainiai, for which it also supplies heating via the facility.


Source: EuroChem AG