AIM Capital Ltd Takes Additional Steps to Strengthen Compliance and Good Governance in 2023

AIM Capital Ltd takes additional steps to strengthen compliance and good governance in 2023

In their ongoing commitment to compliance and good governance, AIM Capital Ltd, a Cyprus-based holding company for one of the world's largest fertilizer manufacturers, EuroChem Group AG (EuroChem), has taken significant steps to strengthen their compliance systems in the past year. These steps include enhancing compliance strategies, internal control systems, and governance practices.

These measures were implemented in response to the rapidly changing regulatory landscape, with the goal of bolstering global food security. Specifically, the aim is to ensure continued access to the global food market, as EuroChem's operations are crucial for meeting the growing demand for fertilizers, particularly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The IMF has identified 48 countries in these regions as being at the highest risk of being affected by rising food and fertilizer costs.

In addition to these recent improvements, AIM Capital Ltd and EuroChem are under the control of Linetrust PTC Ltd (Linetrust). Linetrust is managed by independent and highly qualified executives of international repute. The Board of Directors of Linetrust is chaired by former INTERPOL Secretary-General, Mr. Ronald Kenneth Noble, and includes directors Mr. Yiorgos Lillikas and Ms. Irina Loutchina Skittides. The strategic and day-to-day management of these companies is carried out by their respective Boards of Directors and management teams.

The directors of Linetrust are dedicated to ensuring that (i) AIM Capital Ltd maintains robust corporate governance, allowing EuroChem to retain autonomy in their day-to-day operations while adhering to best compliance practices, and (ii) compliance with international sanctions is prioritized and upheld to the highest standards.


Source: AIM Capital Ltd