EuroChem Group Reaffirms Its Adherence to Compliance, Internal Control and Good Corporate Governance

EuroChem Group reaffirms its adherence to compliance, internal control and good corporate governance

Swiss-based top 10 fertilizer producer EuroChem Group AG confirms it has implemented internal strategies to comply with applicable sanctions in effect today. 

The directors of Linetrust PTC Ltd., which ultimately controls EuroChem Group AG, specifically ensure that the corporate governance for the holding structure of the company is sound and that its sanctions compliance framework meets the highest international standards.

The Board of Directors of Linetrust PTC Ltd. is chaired by Mr. Ronald Kenneth Noble and includes directors Mr. Yiorgos Lillikas and Ms. Irina Loutchina Skittides. 

EuroChem Group AG is a top 10 fertilizer producer by volume and one of only three companies in the world with production capacity in all three primary nutrient groups.

Linetrust PTC Ltd. is managed by independent and highly qualified executives of international repute. EuroChem's strategic and day-to-day management is carried out by its Board of Directors and Executive Board.

Earlier this month, it was announced that EuroChem Group's European phosphate fertilizer plant Lifosa AB is finalizing preparations to resume production in December 2022 under an agreement with a government-appointed administrator. 

"Given the need to continue fertilizer deliveries to key target markets in Europe and America and the importance of Lifosa AB to Lithuania, we are pleased that we will be able to resume production in the short term," Samir Brikho, CEO of EuroChem Group AG, said in a statement.

EuroChem Group AG has fertilizer production facilities in several countries, including Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania and Belgium. Its Lithuanian subsidiary Lifosa AB employs about 15% of the working-age population in the Kėdainiai region, for which it also supplies heat through the facility.


Source: EuroChem Group AG