EuroChem Group AG Committed to Continuing Operations as UN Warns of Global Food Emergency

EuroChem Group AG

As a leading global fertilizer company, EuroChem Group AG is driven by the world's increasing need for food. Our goal is to help farmers across the globe improve crop yield and quality. 

As the United Nations warns of an impending global food emergency that threatens to send millions more into conditions of hunger and starvation, EuroChem Group AG remains committed to fulfilling the world's requirement for food, and ensuring that farmers around the world have continued access to high-quality crop nutrients. 

EuroChem Group AG is headed by Executive Chairman Samir Brikho, in conjunction with the Board of Directors. EuroChem Group AG is a subsidiary of AIM Capital, a Cyprus-based entity under the control of Linetrust PTC. The Chairman of Linetrust PTC is Ronald Noble. 

No sanctioned party or person has any control over any of the entities within the Group. 

As confirmed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) EuroChem Group AG is not, directly or indirectly, subject to any sanctions of the US. Likewise, EuroChem Group AG is not on any sanctions lists of the EU, UK or other jurisdiction. 


Source: EuroChem Group AG