Ethoplex Expands Network to Brookfield, WI

Ethoplex, a fixed-wireless Business Internet Service Provider, expanded its network by adding a new tower site in Brookfield, WI. Ethoplex delivers reliable, high-speed Internet and Ethernet connectivity seamlessly and securely at a lower cost than traditional providers.

The new tower allows Ethoplex to deliver Business Internet, Dedicated Internet, and Metro Ethernet services at speeds up to 1 GbpsEthoplex’s services are backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.  Businesses utilize Ethoplex’s Ethernet services for video conferencing, VoIP, application hosting, remote employee/office connectivity, and other high-bandwidth applications.

With Ethoplex, businesses experience faster installation and quicker turn-up time. Fast installation is a major competitive advantage of Ethoplex's wireless network, as most customers are installed in 3-5 business days or less.  With fiber, a customer is waiting weeks or even months for service installation. There is a limited waiting period to turn up a circuit with Ethoplex Business Internet.

Ethoplex’s services ensure truly redundant data connectivity to enterprises.  Running multiple fiber connections or fiber and copper connections doesn’t provide true Internet diversity. Many times, these cables share trenches, conduits, telephone poles and other infrastructure.  The only way to achieve true diversity is to utilize both terrestrial and non-terrestrial connections. Ethoplex offers true diversity, and now extends its services to Brookfield, WI.


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Ethoplex owns and operates its entire distribution network and as such offers 100% diversity from traditional carriers. Our customers enjoy faster installation, greater contractual flexibility, aggressive pricing, and an excellent SLA.

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