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Whatever the time frame or business bandwidth needs, Ethoplex will install a "no-strings attached" temporary Internet connection to meet the demands of numerous devices at special events, trade shows, conference centers and construction sites for short-term durations, all without a contract -- one day, one week, one Month. Ethoplex is Milwaukee's only High-Speed Temporary Bandwidth provider.

​Power a company’s temporary Internet event with the speed, reliability and security of Ethoplex Temporary Event Broadband.  Fast, easily scalable download and upload speeds provide maximum productivity at an economical price, offering personalized customer service for any event both planned and circumstantial. With the Ethoplex fixed wireless network, high-bandwidth Internet access is provided over-the-air and  transmitted directly from Ethoplex towers to the location, providing businesses with an innovative high-speed temporary Internet solution.

Ethoplex supplies just the right amount of bandwidth needed to support temporary events across many types of venues beyond traditional brick and mortar such as parking lots, fairgrounds, parks and more. Ethoplex works seamlessly with business event planners to design and install a temporary network, powering Internet-related activities as well as a WiFi network supporting the digital requirements of the attendees.

We were extremely pleased with the speed and quality of Ethoplex's work to deliver a high quality internet connection to a 3rd party location. With their help, we were able to live stream our introductory press conference with our 1st round draft pick to thousands of fans.

Mike Grahl, Digital VP, Milwaukee Bucks,

Businesses with temporary, emergency or seasonal Internet bandwidth needs enjoy the flexibility of Ethoplex fixed wireless services to manage business interests on their own terms, rather than terms dictated by the legacy network vendors. 


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Ethoplex owns and operates its entire distribution network and as such offers 100% diversity from traditional carriers. Our customers enjoy faster installation, greater contractual flexibility, aggressive pricing, and an excellent SLA.

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