Welcomes Howard Kaplan, Founder of Kaplan Fiduciary

Howard Kaplan joins the family of ESOP Lawyers, Advisors, and Consultants. is pleased to announce the addition of Howard Kaplan, a new member of the community of ESOP Lawyers, Advisors, and Consultants. We are excited to have Howard come alongside our current members, and we are happy to welcome him to

Who is Howard Kaplan?

Howard Kaplan leads Kaplan Fiduciary Group, a firm focused on improving fiduciary performance through boards, management of ESOP companies, and ESOP fiduciaries. Howard has more than twenty-five years in the ERISA fiduciary and trust banking industry. Over the years, he has developed industry-leading expertise in fiduciary services for employee stock ownership and qualified retirement plans. Before Kaplan Fiduciary Group, Kaplan served over twenty years at several leading ESOP trust companies. Today, he frequently speaks on trustee and fiduciary subjects at industry associations meetings

Regarding the addition of Howard Kaplan to the superb lineup of ESOP Lawyers, Advisors, and Consultants, Jack Veale (the founder of said, “We are honored to have Howard as a part of the community. Every day, he helps business owners and companies explore and enact best-practice choices to improve their board, management, and fiduciaries. Running an ESOP can be daunting without the right advice, but with Howard Kaplan on their side, business owners can approach ESOP governance with confidence.”

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