ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc. and Refinery Blockchain Inc. to Increase Crypto Mining Efficiency Up to 30 Percent

ePIC Blockchain and Refinery Blockchain have entered into an agreement for ePIC to provide ASIC SHA-256 chips for the Refiner Enterprise Miner and Nautilus Immersion mining rigs to serve Refinery’s roster of commercial industrial crypto asset miners. In addition, ePIC Blockchain will provide its ePIC Boost™ technology to serve Refinery customers with existing GPU infrastructure which will extend their performance by up to 20 percent. ePIC Blockchain’s SHA-256 ASIC is a bitcoin mining ASIC optimized for high frequency and low power utilizing the latest methodology in digital design. ePIC SHA-256 ASICs will perform up to 128 GigaHash per second and as low as 0.07 Joules per second, up to 30 percent more efficient than ASICs currently in the market.

ePIC Boost™ is a software as a service product (SaaS) to enable optimal performance from existing GPU mining operations, delivering maximum return on Refinery client equipment. ePIC Boost™ optimization combined with Refinery deployment will ensure these higher returns. ePIC Boost™ delivers these increased efficiencies through firmware, software and BIOS customization enhancements, customized to a miner’s particular operational needs. ePIC Boost™ packages GPU and algorithm-specific Shader code updates, the lowest level code available which writes directly to the GPU metal.

ePIC Blockchain and Refinery Blockchain will demonstrate the value of this partnership at the Blockchain Economic Event in Toronto on April 19, 2018, where they will showcase the increased efficiencies possible in a prototype Enterprise Miner on display as well as conducting both panel discussions and hands-on workshops for crypto asset miners.

Scott Howard, CEO of ePIC Blockchain, says, “The partnership with Refinery is an opportunity to show the crypto asset mining industry what is possible when operators have access to innovate on the core means of production - the chip. ePIC’s view is that blockchains need their own specialized hardware tailored to the applications they support, whether mining or at the software level. Refinery, when powered by ePIC, can drive material performance improvements for their crypto asset mining clients.”  

Kasin Tan, CEO of Refinery Blockchain, says, “The Refinery team is excited to be working with ePIC’s chips as chip efficiency is the underlying limitation to the technology. Having a forward-thinking company like ePIC Blockchain designing ASICs locally in Canada provides a much-needed solution for the North American crypto-mining industry.”

About ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc. (www.epicblockchain.io)

Located in Toronto, Canada, with offices in New York, ePIC Blockchain is committed to becoming the global best-in-class blockchain Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design house. ePIC Blockchain recognizes that the successful evolution of the blockchain economy requires enhanced processing power to extend protocol functionality and scalability. ePIC Blockchain is leading the market to support the software innovation that the blockchain revolution has generated through hardware and firmware development.

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About Refinery Blockchain Inc.

Refinery Blockchain Technologies (RBT) is a Business-to-Business technology consulting company supplying turnkey digital asset mining solutions based on the latest technology, utilizing web-based applications and supply chain best practices. Consulting on any aspect of mining from methodology to design is Refinery’s area of expertise. Building and supplying mining operations, maintaining mines or optimizing mining strategies are Refinery’s field of work. Our customers can also make use of a state-of-the-art 24/7/365 co-mining facility through our partnerships. We are digital asset mining done the refined way.

Source: ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc.