EML Files Validation, Enhanced EML to MHT Conversion & Date Parsing

Aspose.Email for Java is a Java component that enables Java applications to read, write & manipulate Outlook MSG files without utilizing Microsoft Outlook. It enables developers to create new MSG file, update an existing MSG file & MAPI properties.

What's New in this Release?

We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Email for Java 14.0. This new release introduces an attractive feature of validating EML messages. The MailMessage class has exposed a new static method, ValidateMessage that accepts an EML file through a file path or as a stream and returns an object of EmlValidationErrorCollection. If the returned collection is empty then no validation problems have been detected. Else, you may parse the collection to retrieve EmlValidationError objects. You can also inspect the cause of validation failure by using EmlValidationError class members like getErrorMessage(), getErrorType() and getLineNumber(). The main new and improved features added in this release are listed below

• Add "All day event" flag in Appointment class
• Setting HELO/EHLO string for Smtp
• MapiMessage class implements IDisposable
• Enhance Printing functionality to include From, To, CC and Subject fields
• Provide EML files validation abilities
• Drag drop feature for WPF and Visual Studio 2010
• Full Path within a PST File
• MapiMessage with digital certificate support
• Date parsing problem
• Conversion from EML to MHT: Result has "From" field at left top corner

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Email for Java documentation that may guide users briefly how to use Aspose.Email for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Get the Messages Information from the Outlook PST File: http://docs.aspose.com/display/EmailJava/Get+the+Messages+Information+from+the+Outlook+PST+File

- Save Email message as Draft: http://docs.aspose.com/display/EmailJava/Save+message+as+Draft

Overview: Aspose.Email for Java

Aspose.Email for Java is a Non-Graphical Java component that enables Java applications to read and write MS Outlook MSG files from within a Java application without using MS Outlook. It enables developers to create new MSG file from scratch, update an existing MSG file, read Outlook MSG file & get its properties like subject, body, recipients in to, cc and bcc, adding or removing attachment, sender information & MAPI properties. Aspose.Email can be used with Web as well as Desktop Application.

More about Aspose.Email for Java

- Homepage of Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/categories/java-components/aspose.email-for-java/default.aspx

- Download Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/community/files/72/java-components/aspose.email-for-java/default.aspx

- Online documentation of Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/documentation/java-components/aspose.email-for-java/index.html

- Demos of Aspose.Email for Java: http://www.aspose.com/demos/java-components/default.aspx

- Post your technical questions/queries to Aspose.Email for Java Forum:

- Receive notifications about latest news and supported features by subscribing to Aspose.Email for Java blog: http://www.aspose.com/blogs/aspose-products/aspose-email-product-family.html

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