Emium Lighting LED T8 Ballast-Ready/Dual Mode Lamp Drives Retrofit Wave

Ballast compatible LED T8 also works directly off 100-347VAC line.

Emium Plug & Play LED T8 Lamp

Emium Lighting, a full line LED lamp and luminaire factory distributor discovered its wheelhouse almost two years ago with the introduction of its dual mode LED T8’s to the fluorescent T8 retrofit market.

Customers have overwhelmingly embraced the flexibility to either retrofit their fluorescent tubes without touching the existing ballast, or to run directly off line voltage by performing a quick and easy ballast by-pass.

Either way, the Emium LED T8 lamps provide quality light output, an average of 50 percent energy reduction compared to fluorescent T8’s, and require no maintenance.

These benefits, combined with historically low product costs and attractive utility incentives, have transformed many facility lighting discussions from one of an operational maintenance necessity to a prudent project initiative as a way to increase a company’s bottom line. Companies can typically recover their investment from the resulting energy savings in less than a year.

Other pertinent details adding to the appeal of the Emium LED T8 Lamps include:

  • DLC listed – qualify for all utility and government rebate/incentive programs
  • Available with clear or frosted shatter resistant PC cover
  • Available in a variety of wattages, lengths, and color temperatures
  • Rated temperature range of -30°C to +50°C
  • Available with rotatable ends for more directional applications
  • Optionally dimmable 10-100% (must remove the ballast for dimming function)
  • Ballast compatible models are compatible with all existing electronic ballasts (instant start, rapid start and program start) and most magnetic ballasts
  • 80,000 hours rated life - compared to 20,000 hour fluorescent life average
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Certificates: DLC, UL TYPE A and UL TYPE B, cUL, NSF, Lighting Facts, RoHs
  • T5 options from Emium are also available

Source: Emium Lighting, LLC


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