New LED Sports Field Flood Light Delivers Extraordinary Value for Soccer, Baseball, and Football Venues

The G9 LED Stadium Light from Emium Lighting provides an ideal cost/performance solution to illuminate high school, college, and recreational sports fields.

Emium G9 Sports Field Flood Light, 1,000 watts, 150,000 Lumens

Emium Lighting is pleased to introduce its G9 Sport and Stadium LED Floodlight for recreational, high school, and college sports field and stadium applications.

For those facility managers, patrons, and other stakeholders who have been patiently waiting for the right time to upgrade their team’s venue from outdated HID light fixtures to quality LED lighting, their wait may be over. The G9 offers design and performance features traditionally found in the professional realm but at a budget-friendly price.

In addition to the inherent performance and energy reduction properties that LED technology provides, the Emium G9 field and stadium floodlight is designed to reduce glare, neighborhood spillover, and enhance the playability of the field.

In many cases, retrofitting existing poles with LED Fixtures will reduce energy consumption by 60% or more. Then there is the maintenance. With a traditional HID system, a contractor or facility person must regularly go up the pole to change out lamps, ballasts or capacitors. The LED G9 has nothing to maintain and has a longevity projection of 120,000 hours.

The form factor of the Emium G9 Sport Light allows the lights to be safely installed on the existing light poles, thus avoiding the potentially prohibitive cost of additional material and labor cost to install new poles.

The Emium G9 Sport Light features include:

  •    High performance aluminum heat sink and generous ventilation design provide excellent thermal man­agement for superior system stability and longevity.
  •    ADC12 Aluminum Die-cast Housing
  •   SMD5050 LEDs
  •   Top-quality Inventronics Driver
  •   Wattages: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1,000
  •   150 lumens per watt at 30° beam angle
  •   1,000W flood provides up to 150,000 lumens
  •   IK10 Anti-UV PC Lens
  •    Easy mounting and generous angle adjustability​
  •   10-year full product warranty

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Source: Emium Lighting, LLC