Elite Serum 10 by SkinPro Featured in Allure Magazine

Released earlier this year, Elite Serum 10 is the latest version of the renowned flagship product Elite Serum, by Miami-based SkinPro

Elite Serum 10 in Allure Magazine

​The October issue of Allure Magazine’s popular “Tip’s N Trends” section reads “your weapon for wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles,” and that is exactly what SkinPro set out to attack when it released the all-new version of its uber-popular Elite Serum line of skin-enhancing treatments.

This latest rendition features IGF-1, VFGF, aFGF, bFGF, and EGF, which contain potent skin renewal and wound-healing properties. These ingredients have proven to be very beneficial in other facial serums sold by the company, including the HGF Youth Elixir Serum in their DelfogoRx brand and the SkinPro Bio-Placenta facial serum. Adding growth factors to the highly effective peptide formula of Elite Serum makes this products' goal to target fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size even more potent.

Known for their dedication to customer service, SkinPro President Timothy J. Schmidt made the decision to discount Elite Serum 10 by 50% due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

“Our customers are accustomed to buying luxury skin treatments at affordable prices.  I wasn’t going to deny them the opportunity to try perhaps our most advanced eye treatment due to not being able to afford it. The $49.95 price point is good for all of 2020 and perhaps beyond,” said Schmidt. 

The limited-edition production of Elite Serum 10, sold in a hard case box and platinum airless syringe dispenser, sold out during the pre-COVID launch to long time customers at $59.95, a discount from the normal $89.95, where the product will eventually be priced in the luxury retail market. 

“When the feedback from customers started flowing in, I knew this couldn’t be a limited edition product. The Elite Serum 10 reviews are overwhelmingly positive,” added Schmidt. 

The boutique skin care company has had incredible success importing powerful peptides from Europe and mixing them in various FDA approved facilities in the United States. Elite Serum has been mentioned in Plastic Surgery Practice, Medical Daily, Skin Inc., and many more online publications. The company sells its various brands of targeted skin treatments direct on its website, https://www.SkinPro.com, and on Amazon.com. 

Source: SkinPro