Effectus Enterprises Maintains Philanthropic Commitment

The leaders at Effectus Enterprises emphasize the importance of giving back to the community and supporting worthwhile causes. The firm's president discussed the benefits of doing so and one company leader's recent volunteer efforts.

​​Effectus Enterprises’ leaders and team members contribute to a wide range of charitable organizations and advocacy groups. “We know there are people in need all around the world and from all walks of life,” stated Tyson M., the firm’s president. “That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to lend a helping hand, and why I’m so proud of how one of our leaders recently offered her time and energy to a great cause.”

Patti V., the human resources director at Effectus Enterprises, volunteered during the 20th anniversary gala for an organization that focuses on immigration rights in Oregon. The event honored two decades of advocacy, organizing, and movement building, and the president was excited to have a representative from the company celebrating the occasion. “Being part of the community and focusing on important issues is at the heart of our company culture,” Tyson added. “Patti embodies those qualities to the fullest degree, and we are pleased to say she is part of our team.”

"Being part of the community and focusing on important issues is at the heart of our company culture,"

Tyson , President

Effectus Enterprises’ President on the Many Benefits of Supporting the Community

Tyson is a big believer in the team-building advantages of giving back to the community. “When we combine our talents to help people, we become closer as people and as colleagues,” he stated. “There’s something about working alongside each other outside the office that helps our associates gain fresh perspectives. They get new outlooks on their work, the value they can provide to the community, and to each other’s unique skills. It’s always a rewarding experience to help those in need, but it’s also a memorable way to strengthen bonds between team members.”

The president also understands that taking part in volunteer events offers business advantages. He explained, “Of course we want to make a positive impact on the communities that support our success, but you can’t ignore the commercial benefits of giving back. Effectus Enterprises receives a PR boost from every philanthropic pursuit, and I think it’s always helpful to have your firm linked with charity organizations and community causes.”

There are also significant networking opportunities that come with volunteer efforts. “We have made quite a few helpful contacts both in our area and beyond through our philanthropic commitment,” Tyson noted. “I have no doubt that Effectus Enterprises will continue to grow its reputation as an industry leader thanks to the connections we forge through giving back.”

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