Effectus Enterprises Confirms Commitment to Philanthropy

Tyson M., Effectus Enterprises' president, has established philanthropy as one of the firm's core values. He discussed many of the charitable endeavors in which he and his teammates have engaged, including the Urban League of Portland.

“Companies obviously exist to turn profits,” Tyson explained, “How those profits get used is what I think separates the good companies from the great. I think Effectus Enterprises is a great company, because we’re not just about making money – we’re about making a difference.”

To back up his statement, Tyson listed events that he and the Effectus Enterprises crew have taken part in to positively impact either their local community or the world at large. For instance, the company has sponsored a youth football team and two Jog-a-thons to support the people in the city, while also supporting a team member to help build houses in Guatemala. “My commitment to my team is that I am here to help each individual achieve something amazing,” Tyson stated.

"My commitment to my team is that I am here to help each individual achieve something amazing,"

Tyson , Company President

Effectus Enterprises’ president doesn’t expect others to do what he won’t do himself, though. Tyson has run in a marathon to raise money for injured veterans, and actively supports the Urban League of Portland. “The Urban League of Portland is an active branch of the National Urban League, and is changing lives on a daily basis,” Tyson explained. “The League just wrapped up a successful summer program, for example, where 63 young people ages 11 to 25 were introduced to careers and postsecondary educational opportunities they might not have known about otherwise.”

The President of Effectus Enterprises on the Value of Setting Goals

Tyson believes that being a goal-oriented individual has allowed him to achieve great things on both personal and professional levels. Not only does he routinely set new targets for himself, but he extends that ideal to the way Effectus Enterprises operates as well. “The need for measurable objectives is something people and businesses share,” Tyson clarified. “The only way to stay relevant in a world that is constantly evolving is to continuously adapt and improve.”

Rather than limit Effectus Enterprises to the traditional financial objectives like profit and revenue, Tyson extends his goal-setting philosophy to areas such as training, promotions, and – of course – philanthropy. “Having clearly defined goals is the only way to measure progress. They are indispensable parts of the way we do business,” Tyson concluded. “Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

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