Effectus Enterprises Awaits All-Expenses-Paid Vacation

High achievers at Effectus Enterprises frequently enjoy travel opportunities to industry-related events. They are excited to learn who will be hand-selected to attend the next function.

“We’re all looking forward to an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas in November,” said Tyson M., the CEO of Effectus Enterprises. “Team members who consistently work hard, achieve their goals, and master every challenge will attend. They deserve it, after all. I’ll be announcing names in the near future.”

Tyson explained that the trip will provide the group with some much needed rest and relaxation, as well as some fun in the sun. He expects that attendees will return to the office feeling more innovative, focused, and revitalized than ever. They’ll also spread the energy to their colleagues back at work.

"There are countless benefits to taking time away from the daily grind,"

Tyson , CEO

“The vacation will also allow us to strengthen our bonds, and to foster new ones with others on the trip,” Tyson stated. “It’s a team-building and networking opportunity, rolled into one. We’re all incredibly excited.”

Effectus Enterprises CEO Reviews Health Benefits of Going on Vacation

“There are countless benefits to taking time away from the daily grind,” Tyson continued. “I’m quite health-conscious, and I think the positive impact of vacationing on health is often overlooked. At Effectus Enterprises, I ensure all my associates are well-informed of these perks, which are much too important to overall well-being to be ignored.”

According to Tyson, for instance, vacationing is linked to lowered heart disease. Individuals who are at high risk for coronary heart disease but take annual trips are more than 30% less likely than non-vacationers to succumb to the condition. One study found that men who don’t vacation on a regular basis are 30% more prone to heart attacks than those who do take time off from work. Women are nearly eight times more prone to coronary heart disease and heart attack than those who vacation at least twice per year.

“That’s not all,” Tyson indicated. “Research has also found that people who take trips less than one time every two years are more likely to report stress and depression than those who vacation at least two times every year. Furthermore, leisure activities – which, of course, include vacation – elevate mood, decrease the incidence of obesity, and lower blood pressure.”

“Ultimately, when people take vacations, they are more productive,” Tyson concluded. “They’re more engaged with their work and less likely to leave their jobs. That’s exactly what we want at Effectus Enterprises.”

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