Dumbo Management Group Focuses Strategy on Customer Service

The Dumbo Management Group team recently began an initiative to attract customers by focusing on service training. Samantha, the Director of Operations, asserted that this approach has proven extremely successful so far.

​Businesspeople in the sales and marketing industry must repeatedly sell consumers on the products they represent. The marketing specialists at Dumbo Management Group believe that the most effective strategy for continuous growth is to develop loyal customer relationships. Samantha stated that an excellent experience will keep consumers coming back.

“People like to be treated well,” she said. “Far too many brand leaders settle for mediocre customer interactions. They leave consumers with little reason to keep coming back. We have found that our investment in service training for all of our associates has resulted in significantly more growth for the brands we serve.”

"Problems happen that get in the way of perfectly smooth operations,"

Samantha, Director of Operations

Samantha referenced a story about Foo Fighter’s front man, Dave Grohl, to explain the importance of customer service. During a concert in 2015, Grohl broke his leg but insisted that the paramedics return him to the stage to finish the concert. His dedication to the fan’s experience at the show helped to turn a disaster into a positive situation.

“Problems happen that get in the way of perfectly smooth operations,” she added. “Maybe the point-of-sale system goes down or an item is out of stock; the business world is rarely perfect. However, customers will always be happier to accept those inconveniences when they know that the people serving them are truly dedicated to offering top-notch experiences.”

Dumbo Management Group’s Director of Operations Examines Ways to Offer Great Service

The Dumbo Management Group team has explored what it is that makes a customer experience positive. According to Samantha, efficiency and timeliness are among the most important factors. She asserted that most consumers want to have easy access to their favorite brands. They also want to be able to purchase what they want at the time they want.

“One of the most significant improvements any business can make is to be prepared for high traffic,” she said. “Peak times are stressful for team members – if there aren’t enough of them. This often results in less-than-happy customers, who are already probably frustrated about wait times. Always have a contingency plan to deal with peak sales volume.”

Samantha also revealed that people like to be surprised. Small rewards – especially unexpected ones – will make a typical purchase into a lasting memory. For example, offering even small discounts to random customers will make them feel special.

“Great customer service is about the small things,” she concluded. “It is impossible to be perfect all the time, but making an effort in lots of small ways will show customers that you really care about their experience. I believe that going the extra mile is what has consistently set Dumbo Management Group apart.”

About Dumbo Management Group

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