Dr. Rufino L. Macagba Jr.'s New Book, 'FAITH, MANAGEMENT and HEALTHY LIVING' is an Invigorating Read That Gives Significance on Healthcare, Healthy Life, and Profound Faith

Recent release "FAITH, MANAGEMENT AND HEALTHY LIVING: A GLOBAL JOURNEY" from Covenant Books author Rufino L. Macagba Jr. MD, MPH, is an inspirational journal that talks about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, a favorable healthcare system, and above all, establishing a deep faith with God for a prosperous life.

Rufino L. Macagba Jr. MD, MPH, an international health services management consultant; an executive and hospital management trainer; a professor of management; a founding director and a chairman; has completed his new book, "FAITH, MANAGEMENT AND HEALTHY LIVING: A GLOBAL JOURNEY": a motivational story of faith and love with caring management of the health of everyone as a way of giving back to God for the endless blessings received.

Dr. Noel M. Cortez shares, "This book describes how the life and faith of his parents influenced the author in his early years until he finally asked the Lord to enter his life, reinforced by his wife's faith, and followed by a lifetime of blessings and miracles.

It describes how his family survived the Second World War in the Philippines and the years that followed as he went through medical school where he met his wife and the years of training that resulted in their both taking over the hospital founded by his parents. It describes how he and his family received scholarships for further studies in the US and how he started a career in international health programs and management training workshops in all continents for twenty years, finally founding an accredited MBA program in Fullerton, California. It describes how he learned about what the purpose of health care should be, and that is to help people live a healthy life and how they can achieve it.

It describes how he and his wife finally returned to the Philippines and how he applied what he learned in the hospital and college and in hospital management workshops in all continents.

His autobiography is one substantial storytelling that offers a front seat to the nuanced and textured narration of the evolution of the dignified medical doctor, sought-after hospital management educator and practitioner, author, world health policy influencer, and dedicated family man. I'm a believer of the concept that good leadership starts with personal leadership based on integrity and other values. The autobiography clearly shows that what Lorma espouses as central to its culture—love of God, respect for the individual, and continuous improvement mirror the personal values and leadership foundation of Dr. Rufi. It was evident in the book that God was placed in the center of Dr. Rufi's life, and every milestone, he always attributed to the Lord's grace. The autobiography is therefore such a blessing to readers who want to be inspired by how God works his miracles on a man destined to lead and inspire."

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Dr. Rufino L. Macagba Jr.'s new book is a relevant guide that specializes on giving health benefits and tips for a healthy mind and body. This book also imparts insights of a spiritually healthy person, and how it led to create hospital management workshops all over the world.

Readers can purchase "FAITH, MANAGEMENT AND HEALTHY LIVING: A GLOBAL JOURNEY" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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