Dr. Norman Quintero Demands Financial Accountability in Schools

Quintero says Perris Elementary School District's poor performance is due to poor management, not lack, of funds

Dr Norman Quintero

Among all candidates for the Perris Elementary School District Board, only one contender has identified specific causes for and stated specific solutions to address he believes is the inferior education of Perris, California's local children. Armed with a five-point “Road Map” and decades of education, experience and shared culture, Dr. Norman Quintero has based his campaign on results, rather than rhetoric.

Last week, in the first of a series of interviews, he addressed what he sees as primary solutions – allocation of resources and accountability. Despite above-average funding as compared to other California schools, the relatively small district is ranked very low in overall program quality. Despite substantial state, federal and private-sector subsidies for nutrition, technology and recent pay raises to a highly qualified faculty, students’ test scores, accommodations and learning environment rank overall in the bottom one-third statewide.

According to a growing number of parents, community leaders, educators and members of the business community, this election is simply about using the tools available in order to reverse the trend. Many of those same voters support and endorse Dr. Quintero due to his extensive background in education, mental health, charitable organizations and public service. But even more key is his success in business – in achieving maximum results from available resources.

Dr. Quintero says elementary education is the foundation on which work ethic and study habits in secondary education, future employment, social values and quality of life are built. Especially in a district where almost 4,500 kids are classified as “socio-economically disadvantaged,” every available dollar spent must be a dollar well-spent. The obligations of financial accountability and allocation must be the No. 1 priority of the governing body (and its board members) responsible for the allocation and accountability that dollar.

Dr. Norman Quintero is uniquely qualified as a candidate for the school board. The majority of his many successes in businesses have not been driven by profit, but for service with national and international non-profit organizations. As a tough negotiator and even more scrupulous money manager, he has maximized the benefits of every one of those dollars in providing for our children, homeless and needy.     

Ongoing operations and education require ongoing management. Budgets are created months (or years) in advance, but expenses and revenues can change daily. In order to deliver the highest-quality product and service, an expert and experienced businessperson is critical in meeting the ever-changing challenges and requirements. The PESD is responsible for upwards of a $57 million-dollar budget, but far more importantly, the fundamental education of more than 5,000 students. There is no product or service more valuable.

In his most recent interview, Dr. Quintero stated, “This community is our home. My wife and I are obligated to see that our kids – all kids – are given every opportunity for success. The PESD has the tools, but only the PESD board can make the repairs to a broken system. The first steps are allocation and accountability of every dollar to every student.”  

Source: Dr. Norman Quintero


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