Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff and Addiction Outreach Clinic Celebrate Success of New Painesville Location

As Founder of Addiction Outreach Clinic (AOC), Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff is proud to now offer his Medication-Assisted Treatment program from AOC's new Painesville, Ohio, location—a facility that opened in November 2018.

Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff and the team at Addiction Outreach Clinic (AOC) are celebrating the recent and ongoing success of their new Painesville, Ohio location—a brand-new opioid addiction recovery facility that first opened its doors in November 2018.

The new treatment facility—located in the Perry IGA Plaza near Highway 20 and Lane Rd.—was officially introduced and opened to the public during a ribbon-cutting celebration and open house event on Friday, November 2nd. In attendance at the grand opening were a local fire chief, notable members of the local law enforcement community and local government representatives.

As Medical Director and leading addictionologist at Addiction Outreach Clinic, Nicholas Atanasoff, psychiatrist, is rewarded by the opportunity to now provide patients of Painesville, Perry and the surrounding community with access to quality, proven Medication-Assisted heroin and opioid addiction treatment. Previously in Willoughby, Ohio, Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff’s new AOC location is designed to make outpatient opioid addiction recovery comfortable, convenient and possible for individuals and families struggling with the challenges of addiction.

Dr. Atanasoff and the Painesville team are focused on providing the same high level of compassion, care and effective recovery treatment Addiction Outreach Clinic is known for. Established by Dr. Atanasoff in 2007, AOC has set itself apart from other treatment programs in terms of approach, convenience and successful outcomes—those achieved through the combination of Suboxone®-assisted treatment and behavioral counseling typically administered to patients just once every month.

Through carefully-monitored, customized Suboxone® treatment—medication that includes buprenorphine and naloxone—Nicholas Atanasoff, psychiatrist, is able to eliminate the withdrawal and craving symptoms that so often make recovery a challenging if not impossible process. This medication-based program is so effective, in fact, that most patients are required to visit their local AOC office only once every 28 days—a program feature that helps minimize the impact on the patient’s work/life schedule.

Now with seven facilities across the region (five in Ohio, two in Pennsylvania), Addiction Outreach Clinic has the capability to serve a large population—as well as to be an even bigger player in the fight against the opioid epidemic currently sweeping across the country. Developed by Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff and supported by a team of dedicated, qualified addiction-treatment professionals, the AOC program looks to be a resource of powerful, effective heroin and opioid addiction recovery for the foreseeable future.

Nicholas Atanasoff, a psychiatrist and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, continues to serve as the Clinic’s Medical Director and CEO. His wife, Sharra Atanasoff, is a Registered Nurse who joined AOC in 2015—and currently serves as the organization’s COO and Executive Director. Addiction Outreach Clinic is currently comprised of a large and well-trained team of physicians, nurses and counselors—all who share an unwavering commitment to achieving the best experience and outcome for every patient.

Each AOC location is in full and strict compliance with all existing, up-to-date state and federal regulations, laws and guidelines. In addition, all five AOC locations in Ohio are licensed by the state’s Pharmacy Board. To date, the program has delivered successful outcomes to thousands of patients across the region.

About: Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff’s new Painesville, Ohio, facility was previously in Willoughby, Ohio. Addiction Outreach Clinic headquarters are located in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Addiction Outreach Clinic

2736 North Ridge Road, Unit 6

Painesville, OH 44077

Phone: (440) 306-3017


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