Dr. Ann Polya Releases New Book: 'Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence'

Using emotional intelligence gives an advantage to successfully cope with uncertainties and unknowns and "Become Better."

Become Better

How exactly does one apply emotional intelligence in situations that are faced daily, as individuals and with others, and in uncertain times or in the future? Dr. Ann Polya answers these questions in the new book titled, "Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence" (published by XLibris).

Dr. Polya started writing this book at the start of the Covid pandemic and believes that using emotional intelligence improves the ability to keep balanced and act and react well; in addition, there are huge benefits from internal stability for greater internal capacity to handle unknowns and uncertainties, whether caused by Covid-19 or other future dilemmas.

Everyone has emotional intelligence (E.Q.) to some degree. It can be increased and strengthened for greater competence and success. This book explains how readers can do that in order to get a better grip on feelings, actions and reactions. It is the connection with feelings and thoughts that enable control. This allows clearer communication and stronger relationships. Practicing E.Q. skills not only strengthens them but avoids their decline. So with emotional management, it is possible to balance emotions and analytical and rational thoughts, which allows differentiation between emotions and facts. This is not possible for artificial intelligence, yet. However, it puts the smart E.Q. user in a strong position to adapt and tackle challenges well.

Emotional intelligence is vital in the rapidly changing world, with its pandemic-induced uncertainties and a future that will be dominated by robots and artificial intelligence. It builds the ability for the E.Q. practitioner to gain internal balance for better decision-making and skills needed to be effective and cope with threatening situations, and uncertainties.

Dr. Ann Polya provides a much-needed guide to applying emotional intelligence to "Become Better" in daily life, in relationships with others, and in uncharted times, in order to handle challenges successfully.

"Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence" - by Dr. Ann Polya

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Source: Dr. Ann Polya, President of Polya Group