Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence

Dr Ann Polya's New Book shows How to Have a Better Tomorrow by applying Emotional Intelligence Skills

Dr. Ann Polya demonstrates how to have a better tomorrow by improving emotional intelligence, which affects thinking abilities via better memory, decision-making, and also makes success more likely - even when uncertainties prevail. Indeed, emotional intelligence will facilitate good choices in the coming technological changes of the future.

Everyone has emotions and feelings - the basics of emotional intelligence - and they can be boosted and controlled with practice to improve communication and relationships and cope with unknowns when situations change. 

Practicing emotional intelligence is like working out to improve physical stamina. Improved E.Q. skills allow people to take control of their emotions, thoughts and impulses to boost a clearer perspective of their choices and actions. This increased competence translates into an improved awareness of consequences. Challenges during the pandemic test courage and resilience, and practicing these emotional intelligence skills allow people to successfully cope and meet the challenges of the future.

As adept E.Q. players, people will encounter new boundaries and possibilities in their future reality. Indeed, they will be better equipped to accept new behavioral patterns to handle the interconnectability of the Internet of Things controlled by quantum computers, climate change, and shifts in the world power structures. Applying innate E.Q. skills allow people to cope with these new challenges.

"Become Better" brings the concept of emotional intelligence up to date and into the real world and projects how we can best apply E.Q. skills daily with others and as we move forward into our new reality.

The future is exciting, and even if challenging, we are capable to "Become Better".

In the words of Hayley Arceneaux, a recent civilian astronaut, "you can be anything you want" with the smart use of emotional intelligence to conquer fear and self-limitations.

About the Author

Ann J. Polya, Ph.D., has a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences and is an Emotional Intelligence consultant, author, and former psychotherapist, corporate executive, and professor.

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