Dr. Ann Polya Promotes Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Strategic Practice

Polya's work highlights how an improved E.Q. can provide individuals with the opportunity to achieve a better tomorrow.

Dr. Ann Polya, president of the Polya Group, a published author and public speaker with over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive and government official, is actively promoting the enhancement of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) through strategic practice and training. Her new book, Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence, demonstrates that enhancing E.Q. improves thinking capabilities, such as memory and decision-making, and can also increase the chances of success during times of uncertainty in an individual's professional, social, and personal life. With the uncertainties of COVID-19 complications and the technological challenges of the future, an improved E.Q. is vital for individuals to make good choices and create a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones.

Everyone has emotions and feelings - these are the basic components of emotional intelligence. These components can be boosted and controlled with practice to improve communication and relationships. They can also be controlled to help people cope with unknowns when situations change unexpectedly.

Practicing emotional intelligence is like working out to improve physical stamina. Improved E.Q. skills allow people to take control of their emotions, thoughts, and impulses to boost a clearer perspective of choices of action. This increased competence often translates into improved consequences during moments of conflict or difficulty.

"The recent challenges that we have all experienced as a result of the pandemic forced us to demonstrate our courage and resilience to cope," said Polya. "By applying these E.Q. skills, we will be able to meet the challenges of the future." 

Adept E.Q. players will encounter new boundaries and possibilities in the future reality. Through strategic practice, they are equipped to accept new behavioral patterns to handle the interconnectability of the Internet of Things (IoT) controlled by quantum computers, climate change, and potential shifts in our future geo-political environment. Those who have practiced Emotional Intelligence can swiftly apply their E.Q. skills to cope with these new challenges.

Polya's slogan, "Become Better," brings the concept of Emotional Intelligence up-to-date and into the real world. The phrase projects how individuals can best apply E.Q. skills daily with others as society moves forward into its new reality. The future is exciting, and although it might appear challenging, everyone can "Become Better."

In the words of Hayley Arceneaux, "You can be anything you want" - with smart usage of Emotional Intelligence to conquer any fear, improve communication, enhance performance.

For more information about Dr. Ann Polya and Emotional Intelligence, please visit https://annpolya.com. The book is available at Amazon and Xlibris.

About Dr. Ann J Polya

Dr. Ann J Polya has a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences and is an Emotional Intelligence consultant, author, and former psychotherapist, corporate executive, and professor. Polya provides advisory sources on communication, decision-making, crisis management and handling uncertainties.

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Dr. Ann J Polya

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