Dory Power From Ohio Offers Advanced Portable Home Batteries Tackling Power Outages

Dory Power Battery

The recent power outage across the US left millions of households in several days of blackout during the freezing cold weather. As power outages are happening more and more frequently, home batteries are becoming more and more popular for backup power supply since home batteries are emission-free, quiet, require no maintenance and little cost to use. However, home batteries selling on the market are expensive, priced higher than gas generators.

Dory Power LLC, a manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio, has been developing low-cost and high-performance battery technologies since 2017. They have successfully developed a unique and powerful line of battery products: An integrated 2-in-1 battery system combining the functions of both uninterruptible power supply and portable power station together. It can be used as a backup power with an instant automatic switch and portable power for outdoor activities like camping, picnics, etc.

Dory Power released their first product, the Dory B-2700 model with nearly 2.7 kWh capacity and 2 KW power in December 2020. To meet the larger demands of customers, Dory Power also developed a B-5000 model with 5.17 kWh capacity and 2.5 KW power, and a B-7000 model with 6.96 kWh capacity and 3 KW power. The Dory B-5000 and B-7000 products are now open for orders and expected to start delivery in March, 2021. The three battery products are portable and can be moved to wherever electricity is needed.

"Our battery products can provide several days of emergency power supply for a family to power refrigerator, microwave oven, furnace, computer, lights, cell phones, etc. Our B2700 battery can power a 18 Cubic-Feet refrigerator continuously for 40 hours," said Amy Young, business manager of Dory Power. "Our battery products are only priced around $0.7 per Wh, while similar products are priced above $1 per Wh." To help families go through this difficult season, Amy also mentioned that Dory Power offers special discounts for those low-income families and those who lost their jobs in this pandemic. 

For home batteries, safety is a big concern. But according to Tony Lee, technology manager of Dory Power, "There is no safety concern on Dory battery at all. The Dory batteries are the safe lithium iron phosphate batteries, and are certified with the UN38.3 international safety standards through thermal test, vibration test, shock test, external short circuit test, crush test, and forced discharge test." "Our products are built with the highest standards of quality and have been validated for their safety and performance under extreme use conditions," Tony emphasized. Also, Dory Power products are designed for plug and play, no installation needed. They also can be charged through solar panels using an external power inverter.

Lastly, Amy said "With such advanced products, we are now looking for business partnerships with distributors, dealers and resellers nationwide to bring our products to local families to tackle the power outage issues."

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