Dory Power Developed the World's Most Powerful Portable Battery Generator

Clean, safe and sustainable battery generator for portable and uninterruptible power supply

Dory B7000 battery generator

Dory Power, an innovative battery manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio, has developed the world's most powerful portable battery generator, Dory B-7000 model, for automatic, portable, and uninterruptible power supply, fulfilling the needs of millions of households and businesses for backup electricity and portable power supply.

With a 7kWh storage capacity, 3kW continuous power and 6kW peak power, the Dory B-7000 can power many electrical appliances including refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, microwave oven, computer, pump, etc. The 7kWh electricity can run these appliances for a long time. Indeed, the Dory B-7000 can run a home refrigerator for about 100 hours on battery power.

The Dory B7000 is a 2-in-1 battery generator integrating both uninterruptable and portable power into one system. The B-7000 is line-interactive and fully automated for unattended backup. Upon a power outage, it provides instant backup power through an automatic switch within 10 milliseconds. Backed-up equipment will not shut down during a power outage. This is a superior and crucial function conventional gas generators cannot provide because their engines require lag time to boost and stabilize electricity generation. Any equipment backed up by a conventional gas generator will shut down upon a power outage and need to be restarted.

But the Dory battery generator can keep all the backed-up equipment continuously operating during a power outage. When the grid power restores, the Dory battery generator will automatically recharge. "This advanced function makes it the perfect generator for unattended and uninterruptible power supply. It is portable and can be moved to use anywhere," says Tony Lee, Technical Manager of Dory Power. "We build the Dory B-7000 to the highest standard of quality, for over 10 years of service. Our battery generators have many innovative technologies for excellent energy retention, exceptional safety control, and exemplary power delivery."   

"The B-7000 is only priced at $0.7/Wh, at the lowest end of all portable battery systems. The lifetime operating cost of Dory B-7000 is around $0.8/hour, while conventional gas/diesel generators cost more than $2/hour because of the fuel and maintenance required," explained Amy Young, business manager of Dory Power.

Dory battery generators are emission-free, with no toxic carbon monoxide and greenhouse gas emissions during its usage, while a portable gas generator produces about 10 pounds of carbon emissions per hour. Using a Dory battery generator instead of a conventional generator could save tons of greenhouse gas emissions during its lifetime. Besides, Dory battery generators are quiet and safe for indoor use, while conventional generators have to be used outdoor because of their carbon monoxide, vibration and large noise outputs.

Another big advantage of Dory battery generators is that they can be connected together to function as one generator. Two connected B-7000 can provide 14 kWh to run a home refrigerator for over a week.

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