DOL Intermediary FASTPORT Facilitates 20,000 Apprentices Into Transportation Sector Employment and Training Networks

FASTPORT Reaches Historic Milestone Facilitating 20,000 Apprentices Into Transportation and Employment and Training Networks

Today, FASTPORT announces that it has facilitated 20,000 apprentices into its national, regional and local employment networks. This is a culmination of its work since January 2017 as a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Industry Intermediary to expand apprenticeships. Industry Intermediaries have been key in facilitating public-private partnerships through employers, workforce boards, educational institutions, associations, and the DOL. These partnerships serve as a lifeline for businesses and apprenticeship providers alike in terms of recruiting, retention, ROI, technical assistance, and mitigation of administrative burdens.

FASTPORT has the proven capability and expertise in conducting outreach and technical assistance to employers, industry groups, minority-serving institutions, educational partners, trade organizations, and other stakeholders that are interested in realistic paths to bridging the skills gap in a scalable and sustainable manner utilizing new or existing Registered Apprenticeship programs. 

Dave Harrison, Executive Director of Workforce Development and Government Programs, said, "Our goal has always been to bring policy to pavement by applying practical, scalable, and sustainable solutions to workforce challenges. Facilitating true public and private partnerships that are in the best interests of the nation, employees, and employers. We are honored for the privilege to play a role in this important work."

The 20,000 apprentice population comprises 53.05% people of color and 78.94% DE&I populations, including 22.72% Veterans, 4.21% women, and 13.43% youth within the 151 organizations that have created apprenticeship programs through the FASTPORT network so far.

FASTPORT assists employers and associations with tailored Registered Apprenticeship Programs and ongoing Technical Assistance that includes Administration, Diversity and Inclusion, Marketing, GI Bill Benefits, Veteran Engagement, Curriculum, and Candidate Sourcing. In addition to reaching a milestone of 20,000 apprentices, FASTPORT collaborates with industry and the DOL to align training standards to ensure a safe, productive and professional workforce.

Brad Bentley, President of FASTPORT, stated, "Workforce development consistently ranks as a top need for members of any trade association, which is why we developed a top-down strategy to create value for these organizations and employers alike. This has resulted in 22 National Standards with 42 occupations for 25 industry associations."

FASTPORT will continue its success in making apprenticeship awareness, development, and sustainment easier and faster across industries. Serving as a liaison between industry, government agencies, and educational organizations will help create new apprenticeships, expand existing programs and create national models for accelerated implementation. 


FASTPORT, Inc. solves America's toughest recruiting challenges through research, technology, and people. FASTPORT is also a U.S. Department of Labor Industry Intermediary and a part of the Centers of Excellence to support apprenticeship development and sustainability. 

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