Dokdo Tank, Rejuvenate Your Aquarium

Dokdo Tank's new revolutionary aquatics products provide state of the art saltwater management systems at a fraction of the cost.

Creating a sustainable saltwater environment at home can be quite difficult. Raising saltwater aquatic organisms requires proper sea conditions and several devices that must cooperate in sync. These devices can be quite large and expensive requiring constant maintenance and observation. Dokdo Tank was developed to specifically address these issues.

Compared to other products on the market today, Dokdo Tank provides better specifications at a fraction of the cost.

Not only does Reef Monster contain LEDs and sensors built it, it also contains a router function to connect to other devices. It connects with a server via WIFI and can be controlled by Bluetooth if nearby, or from a computer or mobile device when away from the tank. Reef Monster utilizes CREE LED's, which are much more efficient than other brands out there and will allow users to grow those difficult hard corals easily.

The Wave Plus device features a motor that sits on the outside of the tank and can be positioned where it is least visible. The eco-friendly external motor mount means less heat in the water, reducing the need for cooling and the advanced brushless design reduces energy consumption. While the motor sits on the outside to prevent any electrical hazard, the actual wave generator sits on the inside of the tank. The Wave Plus is also Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled from a mobile device.

The Sensor Voss device can be powered via batteries and used to analyze temperature, ph, ORP, DO, TDS, etc. This data is then transferred and saved to an application server where it will notify users via message if there are any irregularities. If there are any irregularities, Sensor Voss allows remote adjustment through a smartphone or web browser.

System Sump device compact design, it can be installed on any existing aquarium and removes the need for changing out the water allowing easy growth of marine life easily.

Dokdo Tank was developed by MIR T&M and named after the beloved Korean island of Dok-do.

Existing products on the market today will cost approximately $2,000. Through Dokdo Tank’s entrance into the market via crowd-funding, a special discounted price will be offered as an Indiegogo Reward for $699 only for backers. Be on the lookout for their campaign to launch early March.

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