Do-It-Yourself Attractions Saving Industry Dollars

As the demand for more attractions increases in both the event entertainment and amusement industries, the ability to stay within a budget is becoming increasingly difficult as price tags on new attractions are becoming inflated in recent years. Do-it-yourself attraction kits were evident at this year's Showmen's Federation Trade Show and are working out just fine while saving companies big bucks.

​The super trade show extravaganza once again had hundreds of attractions and exhibits to browse along with a few new concept attractions such as do-it-yourself attractions which could save a company over 50% in attraction costs. 

“This is the best place to see the most important vendors in the business, ” said Randy Burnett, who helped organize this year’s event.

"After assembling the Face Dancers system, you will have an exact duplicate of the product that we sell and have saved about 50% in the process."

Paula Hunt

Agex Technologies Spokesperson

Exhibitors included owners, operators and manufacturers from the carnival industry, and represented the best in rides, attractions, concession trailers, food supplies, games, lighting, novelty items, plush toys, apparel, sound equipment, recreational vehicles and more.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor exhibitions, the 2015 Trade Show also featured daily seminars and workshops addressing the challenges facing professionals in the carnival business as well as event entertainment and amusement industries

One product, the Face Dancers, by Agex Technologies, actually held continual 2-hour workshops throughout the trade show, to walk people through the assembly of their Face Dancers video entertainment product which was well attended by amusement park execs and with private event entertainment companies. 

"After assembling the Face Dancers system, you will have an exact duplicate of the our most popular system that we have been selling for a few years, and will have saved about 50% in the process," said company spokesperson, Paula Hunt. "No cutting corners, or sacrificing quality, and the typical build is under 2 hours."  

The company ran continual workshops throughout each day exhbiting the ease of the assembly followed by demonstrations where each person got to make their own video afterwards.  Inside the expo hall, the Face Dancer's booth got a real work-out as it was clearly the most popular attraction on the floor, drawing massive audiences all day long which drove many to attend their workshop.

"We have been looking to add a system like this to our event products, but had been too pricey for us," said Jeremy Collette, owner of the Smart Event, an event services company in Georgia.  "I'm glad we waited and excited to get home and get started on it."

The catalyst for the company's diversification into the do-it-yourself industry comes through way of its already successful self-installation video surveillance systems that the company manufactures and distributes globally.  Do-it-yourself attractions have never been offered before, and when you think about it, its a natural fit for an industry who has been struggling to stay up to date on the latest technology while struggling to keep within a budget.

The ISF Trade Show runs annually in Gibsontown, FL every February and offers carnival owners, amusement and family entertainment companies as well as event entertainment companies a complete venue for all of their supply needs.


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