Ford Creates World's Largest Driveable Escape Room in Place of a Test Drive

3-Day event designed to attract millennials to the Ford Escape SUV.

Ford's Escape Room

​Ford is turning a test drive experience upside down this weekend with a giant driveable escape game in New York. Moynihan Station is the venue, which will be open from June 23-26, and is based on an Escape Room, an rapidly popular game where players have 60 minutes to find their way out of rooms by solving a series of clues and puzzles. Ford's twist features teams of four who will drive around in a Ford Escape SUV and use the vehicle's technology and features to solve puzzles in order to escape a series of rooms in New York's 35,000 square foot Moynihan Station.

Players will drive from room to room in an Escape SUV, which has a 5 mile-per hour maximum governor for safety restrictions.  Players will go through a series of five rooms, from a tiny studio to a theater and culminating in a museum featuring a Mission Impassable laser maze which players will have to negotiate to successfully, and will unlock features in the SUV such as active park assist, and FordPass, an application that provides parking information for their final challenge.

"When we have a test drive event, we don't typically have 1,000 people signing up for it. This one is a testament to how good the idea is."

Ginger Kasanic, Ford Motor Company

Ford was not looking to seek a solution to a decline in car buying among millenials.  "Millenials aren't ones to do the traditional test drive.  They don't just want to watch the show, they want to participate in the show," said Ginger Kasanic, Ford's experiential marketing manager.

The game is completely sold-out after more than 1,000 customers signed up to play, but walk-in spots will be available. "When we have a test drive event, we don't typically have 1,000 people signing up for it. This one is a testament to how good the idea is," Kasanic said. "It's also a fun way to get information out there about the new Escape and its features, and get people to try it. Some of these people probably have never sat in a Ford before, let alone owned one." 

While the wait may exceed a few hours to play, Ford has brought in plenty to do while waiting for their turn to drive including some crowd favorites such as a practice Mission Impassable laser maze, and a video creation station where each player splices themselves into a Ford Escape commercial which players can view at the end of the experience and share on social media. 

Ford teamed up with legendary puzzle master, Victor Blake, to design the maze in collaboration with New York State's I LOVE NEW YORK campaign.  Blake crafted a consumer experience like no-other.  Attractions were provided by Agex Technologies.

Players are sworn to secrecy to ensure the game is fresh for everyone and nobody has an advantage.  Throughout the game, players will discover a whole new side of New York, and themselves.

To further raise the profile of hidden gems and key destinations across New York State, Ford and I LOVE NEW YORK are releasing Summer Escape Travel Guides featuring weekend and extended getaways that can be best enjoyed in the 2017 Ford Escape. All participants will receive a custom Escape New York summer guide highlighting the state’s diverse vacation regions to help plan the perfect weekend getaway.

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