DNA Labs International Launches #DNAOptIn Campaign to Encourage People to Help Solve Crimes by Opting in to GEDMatch

GEDMatch requires users to opt-in to law enforcement searches in order for their DNA to be utilized in helping to solve crimes.


DNA Labs International has launched a new campaign encouraging people who are using DNA testing with family heritage testing sites to #DNAOptIn on GEDMatch. By uploading DNA results from family heritage sites, GEDMatch enables law enforcement to solve violent crimes. Last year the Golden State Killer was caught using this revolutionary technique matched with the database. GEDMatch, an open data personal genomics database and genealogy website, does not offer DNA tests, but it allows anyone to upload results from companies such as 23andMe or FamilyTreeDNA.

“GEDMatch is a game-changer, and we want to be able to continue to use this tool to solve more cases and possibly prevent them,” said Allison Nunes, Chief Operating Officer with DNA Labs International. “Most people do not even realize their DNA was opted-out of GEDMatch in May 2019, so our goal with the #DNAOptIn campaign is to help bring awareness to the public about why opting in is so important for solving cold cases, as well as current cases.”

There are three ways to opt-in. If a person already has their DNA in GEDMatch, they can opt-in by clicking the law enforcement shield on a DNA profile. If they are not in GEDMatch yet, they can download their DNA from the family heritage website they used, upload their DNA profile into GEDMatch, and select the public view with law enforcement access.

Finally, for those people who have not used any heritage website yet, they can choose a company and order a DNA test kit. They send in their saliva sample for DNA testing and then they can upload the information into GEDMatch and opt-in.

As one of the largest private labs in the country providing DNA testing for law enforcement, including forensic genealogy over the past 15 years, DNA Labs International has seen the direct impact that GEDMatch has had on the ability to solve more violent rapes and murders in just the last year alone.

Genealogist Jarrett Ross with DNA Labs International explained, “We were in the process of working a case when all of the profiles were opted-out. We lost the data right before our eyes. Now so many of these cases are on hold because there are not enough matches to continue searching. By opting in your DNA on GEDMatch, you can help expand the database to what it was before, when we were solving more crimes. You can help investigators to find a killer, a rapist or identify the thousands of unidentified remains around the country.”

For more information about DNA Labs International and the #DNAOptIn campaign, visit http://www.DNALabsInternational.com/DNAOptIn.

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