DNA Labs International Introduces New Technology Around the Corner to Help Solve More Genealogy Cases Than Ever Before

Innovating in the field of forensics and investigative genealogy, DNA Labs International will attain more accurate results with less DNA than ever before. SNP & NGS testing will bring a new life to cold cases.

DNA Labs International is announcing the introduction of new, advanced testing technologies, available later this year, which will yield more efficient genetic results with more targeted testing. "If you have cases that have limited evidence remaining, or degraded forensic samples, you may want to wait to utilize this new technology," explains Rachel Oefelein the Director of Research and Innovation at DNA Labs International.

DNA Labs International is currently implementing both Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the NDIS approved MiSeq FGx® platform by Verogen. This will transform how it solves cases with difficult DNA evidence, like bones or degraded DNA, that did not yield a CODIS hit or a match to a known suspect's DNA profile. With over 16 years of experience, cases can now be processed in one dependable, accredited forensic laboratory from start to finish.

SNP testing technology currently utilized for investigative genealogy was previously developed for family ancestry testing and required significantly more DNA than what is needed for traditional forensic DNA analysis. In many cases, crime scene evidence results in limited amounts of DNA, and many do not have enough DNA to conduct the current SNP testing utilized for investigative genealogy. As with all new technology and applications, there is room for improvement. Both NGS and SNP testing are the answer to those unsolved crimes. NGS technology is more sensitive and can even pinpoint phenotypic markers like hair, skin and eye color, which will allow an agency to narrow down a suspect pool immediately. More cases than ever before can move forward with investigative genealogy because of this new targeted SNP testing.

Where DNA testing has previously faced limits when a case does not yield a result, recent advances in forensic genetic genealogy now allow investigators to identify suspects and persons of interest by building out their family tree using DNA databases like GEDMatch or FamilyTree DNA. Despite concerns from skeptics that this type of testing is a violation of privacy, forensic genetic genealogy is only used for very violent crimes like homicides, sexual assaults, and unidentified human remains. Over the past two years, more than a hundred cold cases have been solved using this technology, infusing new hope for the victims of cases once believed unsolvable.

This testing is a game-changer for cold cases and all victims that deserve an answer or the missing persons and bodies yet to be identified. DNA Labs International says their new MiSeq FGx® testing will be available this year. For more information, visit DNALabsInternational.com.

About DNA Labs International

Founded in 2004, DNA Labs International specializes in forensic DNA analysis and genealogy for law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and government forensic labs. The company is an ANAB ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory. For more information, visit DNALabsInternational.com.

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