DNA Labs International Shows Support for Verogen's Purchase of GEDmatch

GEDmatch has become a powerful tool in helping law enforcement to solve crimes via forensic genealogy matching

Anyone and everyone can help solve crime.

DNA Labs International has announced its support of forensic genetics firm Verogen’s recent purchase of GEDmatch, an open data personal genomics database. GEDmatch, which has 1.2 million users, allows anyone to upload results from companies such as Family Tree DNA, 23andMe and Ancestry. Using DNA from genealogy sites uploaded into GEDmatch enabled law enforcement to catch the Golden State Killer and solve other crimes, garnering convictions as well as exonerations.

“Developing and growing the GEDmatch site will help solve more crime moving forward,” said Allison Nunes, Chief Operating Officer with DNA Labs International. Since 1980, there are 220,000 unsolved murders across the U.S. according to the Murder Accountability Project. “Verogen is a larger company that has the resources to support the expansion of GEDmatch in the wake of the successful resolution of over 70 violent crimes. They will be able to develop the tool for years to come and support solving more crime with genealogy.”

San Diego-based Verogen noted that it would continue to allow users the ability to opt-out from searches by law enforcement agencies, but stressed the importance of GEDmatch in solving crimes. Even before the Verogen takeover of GEDmatch, DNA Labs International expressed support for the power of the genealogy site, creating a #DNAOptin campaign to encourage users to opt in for law enforcement searches.

As one of the largest private labs in the country, DNA Labs International has seen the direct impact that GEDmatch has had on the ability to solve more violent rapes and homicides in just the last year alone.

“Having the financial backing and legal team of Verogen involved with GEDmatch will help to protect users by increasing security as while as aiding law enforcement,” added Nunes. “Verogen has promised to upgrade the software to increase usability through modernization of the site. If users take their kits from GEDmatch, fewer crimes will be solved and the public will not benefit from this amazing new tool.”

ProjectColdCase.org has a list of victim profiles with case information and a searchable database of cold cases that DNA matching could help bring about new leads. All people need to do to opt in is download their DNA from the family heritage website they used, upload their DNA profile into GedMatch and select the public view with law enforcement access.

For more information about DNA Labs International and the #DNAOptin campaign, visit DNALabsInternational.com.

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