DNA Labs International Employs a Team Approach to Solving Crime With Genealogy

DNA Labs International blends its vast forensic experience with the expertise of genealogists, DNA analysts, case managers and law enforcement working together to uncover new leads to solve more crime

DNA Labs International

DNA Labs International is serious about helping law enforcement solve their most violent crimes through the use of forensic genealogy in combination with DNA analysis. No other company has the unique team dynamic and experience that DNA Labs International has at its disposal. With this dynamic in place, more crimes will be solved. It is not one person that solves a crime, but a highly specialized team of scientists and case managers working hand in hand with law enforcement. Oftentimes, the older the case, the higher the degree of difficulty and the more people it takes to solve that case.

By working together, DNA Labs International solves current and cold case violent crimes like homicide and sexual assault and identifies the many unidentified remains throughout the country. DNA Labs International knows that time is precious and, oftentimes, so is the remaining amount of evidence in cold cases that have already been through multiple rounds of testing. The lab's team of experts will ensure the utmost care is taken in both preserving evidence and producing high-quality results that can stand the rigors of the court system.

Recently, DNA Labs International took its commitment to solving crime using DNA one step further with the launch of a new campaign: #DNAOptIn. This campaign encourages people who are testing their DNA with family heritage testing sites to #DNAOptIn on GEDMatch, a database used to help in solving cold cases.

Jarrett Ross is the lead forensic genealogist at DNA Labs International. In this role, Ross coordinates genealogical research as well as consults with the genealogy team at DNA Labs International and with the many detectives, investigators or CSI working to solve their case for the victims they represent. 

“Using DNA analysis and forensic genealogy is the next tool in our crime-solving arsenal. DNA Labs International’s Genealogy Team works closely to help find the person(s) of interest by building out a family tree utilizing two DNA databases,” explains Ross. “We are committed to helping victims of crime find justice and working collaboratively with law enforcement to help them uncover new leads that we know will help bring closure to countless cases, many of which have remained unsolved for years.”  

Ross is well-suited for his role at DNA Labs International. He began using genealogy in 2009 while still an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, quickly building out his family tree and successfully tracking down hundreds of his cousins living all over the world. In 2013, Ross moved further into the field using genetic genealogy through the comprehensive genome kit at Family Tree DNA to solve 100-year-old family mysteries and assisting adoptees in finding their biological families. It was then that Ross turned his hobby into a career at DNA Labs International.

For more information about DNA Labs International and how its forensic genealogy capabilities are aiding law enforcement, visit dnalabsinternational.com.

About DNA Labs International

Founded in 2004, DNA Labs International specializes in forensic DNA analysis and genealogy for law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and government forensic labs. The company is an ANAB ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. For more information, visit dnalabsinternational.com.

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