Direct Sales TV Announces New Lineup and Hosts for September

The first OTT TV station dedicated to Network Marketing continues to add new hosts monthly.

Direct Sales TV Network

Direct Sales TV (DSTV) announces today its television schedule for September which includes 12 new shows and television hosts. DSTV is the first OTT Television Network dedicated to Direct Sales and Network Marketing entrepreneurs with original content by and for those dedicated to this profession. Direct Sales TV launched officially in August and is viewed online, through AppleTV and ROKU.

“We are excited about the growth of DSTV in such a short amount of time. Our programs are not about pitching products, the shows are about people, relationships and topics we all care about. We are so grateful for the new hosts who launch this month, we have a great lineup,” says Amy Applebaum, DSTV VP of Operations.

In September, DSTV is adding 12 new programs to its already robust schedule including: #Daily Hustle, Destination Success, Essentially Able, The Social Neworker, Time to Thrive: Get Real, Get Raw with Loren, Time to Rise UP, Keepin’ it Real, The UPgraders, Inspired by a Message, The Millionaire Mom Unfiltered, and A Millionaire State of Mind.

Direct Sales TV is the first of its kind and offers live television programming 24 hours per day, seven days per week. For those who are interested in being a host of a weekly or monthly show, or would like to learn more go to

About Direct Sales TV

Direct Sales TV was founded by three successful direct marketers who share a passion for solving the global job crisis by helping men and women succeed in direct sales, no matter where they live or at what stage they are in life. The network offers a platform for leaders in Direct Sales to grow their community by sharing their message and expertise, and it provides resources for aspiring entrepreneurs joining the profession. The founder’s passion will be accomplished globally through original video content created by successful hosts who share their stories, introduce product/service ideas and motivate their audiences to shine.

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About Direct Sales TV Network

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The Direct Sales Television Network (DSTV), is the 1st TV network dedicated to the profession of Direct Sales and Network Marketing (MLM).

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