DINI Group Announces HardwareSharkTM: Solves Packet Loss Issues in Wireshark With an FPGA-Based Memory Buffer.

Solves dropped packets with an FPGA-based hardware buffer

HardwareShark Packet Capture

​Wireshark is the preeminent tool for the analysis and debugging of network traffic.  But the hardware and software drivers that Wireshark uses are unreliable at the data bandwidths of 10GbE, resulting in lost or dropped packets.  The problem intensifies at 40GbE, 100GbE, and beyond. 

DINI Group addresses this issue by customizing several of its leading FPGA products and adding a deep memory buffer.  This enables the capture of all network traffic with no packet loss.  The buffer is saved via PCIe in the standard .erf (extensible record format) file format with timestamps at 6 nanosecond resolution.  The Wireshark GUI and other .erf compatible tools can then be used for debugging and analysis.  DINI Group has solutions for 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE in buffer sizes ranging from 4GB to 40GB.  HardwareSharkTM solutions are available on a short lead-time with pricing starting at $4,950 ($USD).

DINI Group is an established leader in large, FPGA-based boards, critical IP, and systems. DINI Group FPGA boards are used in large quantities for ASIC and SOC prototyping, low-latency trading, and high-performance computing. From their corporate campus in La Jolla, California, DINI Group employees have supplied over twelve billion ASIC gates.

Source: DINI Group