Design Dialogue Seminar 2014

UPES School of Design is delighted to announce, 'Design Dialogue' - a one day seminar on 29th November, 2014 at Magnolia Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

With the perspective of witnessing a new generation of creative leaders in technology, business, and education, we believe design thinking skills will be a key success factor. The list of keynote speakers comprises of Sh. Kishor Munshi, Mr. Nilesh Kirtane, Ms. Mizuho Tomita, and Sh. Sanandan Sudhir.

Design education at UPES School of Design Studies (SoDS) promises an intriguing, invigorating, and full of new discoveries. Any difficulty can be taken care of with the help of right understanding of people, technology, society, and environment by focussing on the problem and not rushing toward finding a solution.

Design Studies is the only professional field of education that provides an essential understanding of design processes across all domains encompassing of application, including engineering and product design, architectural, system designs etcetera. In the near future, companies related to automotive transportation, or industrial segments are looking at developing and delivering futuristic products and that implies a huge amount of hiring in the respective fields. Facts like India to have 8 million passenger cars by 2020 also ensure a fruitful career in the field.

With the list of key speakers comprising of Sh. Kishor Munshi (Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay), Mr. Nilesh Kirtane (HOD, Styling Design, Honda R&D India Pvt. Ltd.), Ms. Mizuho Tomita (Co-Director, BeeSturdio), and Sh. Sanandan Sudhir (Product Design Consultant), Design Dialogue ensures an insightful session on Design Education. Also, one of the highlights being, Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice Chancellor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, deliver an interesting session is something to witness.

The event will cover important topics like ‘School of Design Perspective & New Philosophies’, Solving Transportation Design Problems, Transportation Design Case Studies, and Solving Product design Problems. Design Dialogue aimed at existing and prospective students who’d like to be part of a profound and intellectual session on the subject and leave with a handful of unique and intriguing facts and information on the topic.

The attendees will also see a presentation by the existing students of SoDS. Jagpreet Singh, Assistant Professor, UPES SoDS will also be present at the event to deliver a key note.

For any information related to ‘Design Dialogue’, one can contact Mr. Paramjyot Singh, Deputy Product Manager on +919953084360 or visit the official website of the University –

It sure is a thrilling and equally educating experience for all design experts, aspirants and followers.