Dean Smith of Active Air Freight Succeeds Versus Libelous Comments

Active Air Freight and Dean Smith have succeeding in fighting false statements and claims made against them on the Internet by anonymous accusers. This victor culminates a multi-year effort to clear their reputations and to reassure customers.

Dean Smith of Active Air Freight has successfully defended himself against a series of libelous comments perpetrated against him and his company. Through the anonymity of the Internet, a person without any experience whatsoever with Active Air Freight posted untrue accusations regarding its customer service, and its manager Dean Smith, on various consumer complaint sites. For the last few years, attempts to remove these falsehoods by polite request and legal means were unsuccessful. A recent court decision, however, changed the digital landscape and opened the way to correcting a terrible wrong.

As a result, with the help of legal representation, Dean Smith was able to demonstrate in court that the accusations made against him and the company were baseless. At that point, a judge issued an injunction to have the comments removed from the offending websites. While other Dean Smith’s in the United States may likewise face issues from such unfair actions on the part of unscrupulous people, Dean Smith of Active Air Freight no longer faces a spot on his company’s, and his own, excellent record of community service and customer satisfaction.

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