Dean Smith of Active Air Freight Fights Libelous Statements

Dean Smith has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in his pursuit for justice. Since 2013 he has been taking legal recourse to remove libelous statements from an anonymous online reviewer. He is encouraged to see that his pursuit of justice may soon bear fruit based on a recent supreme court ruling.

Anonymous Creator of Defamatory Statements Must Be Revealed

Dean Smith, President of Active Air Freight, LLC, continues to petition two “consumer complaint” sites for removal of false and crude online reviews from an unnamed, anonymous subscriber. Since 2013, Dean Smith has spent thousands of dollars through legal recourse and will continue this process until these crude and untrue comments are removed. These efforts for legal remedy were recently buoyed by a judicial decision made in a national court, showing that Dean Smith and Active Air Freight's pursuit of justice may soon bear fruit.

Using Anonymity to Write Lies

Online opponents of public figures and private business leaders often use the anonymity of the Internet to write defamatory statements that accuse people of everything from poor customer service to violations of the law. Dean Smith of Active Air Freight knows just how people in this situation feel, after expending considerable time and resources attempting to clear his own name of libelous, false, and vile accusations from “anonymous” postings on two consumer complaint web sites.

Victims of similar underhanded actions can take heart. A state supreme court has ruled that a cable provider must reveal the name of a subscriber who used their Internet service to post false accusations on a newspaper website. Commenting on the case, an attorney for a press association said the decision “should make clear that [our state], at least, will not tolerate such attempts at defamation.”

Dean Smith and AAF Determined to Succeed

Reflecting Dean Smith's own concerns, a reporter commented: “Potentially libelous online comments are an increasing source of concern. Commenters often hide behind the cloak of anonymity, seemingly untouchable.” Dean Smith and Active Air Freight applaud the courts for finally recognizing that libel should never be “untouchable,” even on the Internet! Dean Smith and Active Air Freight will not cease their own legal efforts until they see complete and satisfactory removal of libelous comments made against them.