David Smith Talks Shop With Ingram Micro SMB Alliance in NYC

TekScape CEO and MSP Expert David Smith Touts Key Takeaways on How to Master the Recurring Revenue Model.

TekScape Founder and CEO David Smith shared his insights on “How to Master Recurring Revenue” with members of Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance community today. His high-impact business model discussion was part of Ingram Micro’s exclusive Talking Shop Roadshow taking place this week in New York.

“The technology industry and influence of the IT service provider have evolved radically over the last five years, commanding a systemic change in how businesses consume technology, and how channel partners deliver and manage it,” comments Smith. Smith successfully transitioned TekScape from a multi-million-dollar VAR into an MSP powerhouse built on recurring revenues and fueled by a pipeline of continuous incremental and organic growth opportunities. “Ingram Micro’s Talking Shop Roadshow works on the mechanics of running a successful IT services business, and I am thrilled to engage with this community and contribute to its growing lineup of curriculum and resources.”

To grow your business, you have to know your business and understand what your customers value most and need more of.

Dave Smith

Tekscape CEO

According to industry research firm The 2112 Group, the number of channel partners who have successfully transitioned to and are capitalizing on the recurring revenue model is grossly overestimated, negatively impacting the health of the IT channel and leaving many open to disruption.

“Too many channel partners are still operating under a ‘business as usual’ mentality, putting themselves and their customers at risk,” notes Larry Walsh, Chief Analyst and CEO, The 2112 Group.

“Embracing and executing against a successful recurring revenue model makes it easier for channel partners to mitigate risk, increase profitability and enhance the overall experience.”

With more than 230 members, Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance provides channel partners with access to the technology, training, resources and industry expertise needed to adopt a recurring revenue model and meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their SMB customers.

“Our Talking Shop Roadshows bring the business value of SMB Alliance closer to home, making it easier for our community members to engage with and learn from each other, as well as industry experts including David Smith,” says Darren Gottesmann, director of SMB sales at Ingram Micro and the executive champion for Ingram Micro’s SMBA community.  

During his Talking Shop discussion, Smith simplified the complexity of running a successful IT services business, sharing several valuable takeaways including best practices and principles that shaped his success, as well as several drastic and heart-wrenching business changes he made during TekScape’s journey to the recurring revenue model. Throughout the discussion, Smith encouraged the SMB channel partners in attendance to “take the time to understand their numbers – all of them,” drilling down on the areas they are making and losing money.  

“To grow your business, you have to know your business and understand what your customers value most and need more of,” says Smith. “It’s an honor to share our transformative journey with members of Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance. Ingram Micro is one of TekScape’s most valuable business partners. We applaud the growing success of those partners within Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance and are excited to inspire the success of others by sharing our experiences.”  

Smith is set to speak at the Ingram Micro ONE event in October 2018. For more information and inquire about securing Smith as a presenter, visit www.startsimple.net. To learn more about TekScape visit www.tekscape.com and connect with TekScape on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About TekScape

Tekscape, Inc. is an industry leader in advanced and tailored technology solutions, with a result-driven and business-minded approach to design, implement, and manage solutions to help businesses in their digital transformation path, while enabling workforce productivity, and providing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Tekscape’s unique approach enhances business practices, improving efficiency, and ultimately reducing overhead costs to increase profitability fostering business growth. www.tekscape.com

Source: Tekscape Inc.


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