Aria Hosted Impresses the Charter School Association

The collaboration aspect of Aria can be huge for schools and can be easily tailored to their needs.

Aria Hosted Collaboration

Aria Hosted shined during the NJ Charter School Conference! The event, taken place at Bally’s Atlantic City on May 25th and 26th, was the perfect scenario for people in the education industry to meet Aria Hosted. With a knowledgeable team of experts manning an interactive booth, visitors experienced firsthand all the benefits Aria provides. Aria managed to become their favorite girl!

The collaborative features Aria provides can be easily tailored to educational institutions, it enhances communications at all times and supports security protocols at schools. The conference rapidly became the scenario for a perfect first date between Aria and charter schools by providing a remarkable experience!

"We would be attending a couple more shows in the second semester of the year"

Alex Sierra

Director of Strategy and Marketing

As expressed by Alex Sierra – Director of Strategy and Marketing at Aria Hosted, “We decided to have an interactive booth because the core of our product is collaboration. Having an experiential booth, in which attendees could interact with the phones and have a collaborative experience, was the key to a great first impression”

Aria’s booth at the tradeshow was a killer! By providing a demonstrative phone experience, Aria managed to sway the audience to try the best Cisco communication features and engaged them in an experience that everyone was talking about.

Dominating the NJ Charter School Conference, Aria will continue to foster the relationships built and fearlessly strategize for more trade show opportunities to come. “We would be attending a couple more shows in the second semester of the year. Our team has strategically chosen the best tradeshows to attend considering the potential ROI, so that’s really exciting for us!” – Alex Sierra.

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