Datamine Delivers Powerful Visualization to Mining Customers with HOOPS Visualize

Industry-leading Visualization Toolkit Reduces Product Development Time From Months to Weeks; Enables High-Performance Rendering and Rapid Loading of Extremely Large Data Sets

Datamine MineScape

 Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces that Datamine, a leader in digital mining technology, is utilizing HOOPS Visualize to power their flagship product, MineScape, to provide unparalleled visualization and rendering capabilities to mining customers worldwide. Since 3D visualization is integral to many aspects of mine design and planning, the company wanted to find the best way to deliver the powerful graphics and performance its customers needed - and that required a change from its in-house development approach.

"It is imperative that our customers can display their data quickly, in real-time, with support for the massive data sizes that are typical in mining," said Simon Todd, Senior Development Manager for MineScape. "In earlier versions of MineScape, we built our own 3D engine, which required a lot of development resources. We were simultaneously trying to keep a graphics engine up to date while also creating mining-specific features for our customers."

A 3D rendering engine used in hundreds of successful engineering applications, HOOPS Visualize makes it easy to add high-performance, interactive 3D visualization to both desktop and mobile applications.

"During the proof-of-concept stage, it was immediately apparent that the HOOPS Visualize SDK was way ahead of the competition in terms of functionality, speed, and ability to seamlessly integrate into MineScape's architecture," said Todd. "That technical edge - coupled with the responsiveness from Tech Soft 3D around answering questions, addressing any support issues, and sharing roadmap plans - made it clear we had found our vendor of choice."

Because the company's development resources can now focus on industry-specific features and functionality, MineScape can come out with new product releases that respond to the needs of the mining market very quickly.

"It used to be that when mining consultants would come to us with a new feature request, it might take us months to develop it since we were busy maintaining our own graphics engine and writing visualization code," said Todd. "Now, we can turn around new features in a week. The faster time-to-market that is enabled is really great."

Alongside freeing up resources and increasing business agility for the company, HOOPS Visualize has delivered rock-solid performance to the application itself.

"We can throw tens of millions of triangles at MineScape, and the performance doesn't miss a beat," said Jim Sronce, General Manager at MineScape. "The amount of data we can load up and manage is really impressive. You wouldn't believe how many comments we get from customers saying, 'Wow, that's really fast - we haven't seen anything like that.' That's all because of the HOOPS Visualize engine."

Todd concluded, "3D visualization is at the core of MineScape. It's integral to everything the product does - from display, to plotting, to interrogation, to sectioning and slicing. The results of using HOOPS Visualize speak for themselves: Our customers are delighted with our 3D graphics, how well the product works with large data, and the amazing things the product can do for them. Our partnership with Tech Soft 3D has been a real success, and there are good synergies in place as we go forward together."

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