Darren Metz Guides Novatech in Acquisition of Consolidated Copier Services

Atlanta-based dealership is the fifth acquisition for Novatech in the past two years

Consolidated Copier Services A Novatech Company

Novatech, award-winning provider of managed IT and print services, has announced the purchase of Consolidated Copier Services (CCS), an independent document management and copier dealership servicing the Greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.

“For the past 32 years, Consolidated Copier Services has built a professional and well-respected reputation throughout the Greater Atlanta area with its customers and local business communities,” said Novatech CEO Darren Metz. “We are very excited for both companies as we move forward.”

With the acquisition, Novatech will retain the Consolidated Copier Services name, office and staff.

An industry-leading managed IT and print services provider, Novatech is recognized a record 12 times by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States with 13 branches throughout the South and revenues of $100 million.

“Novatech was Consolidated Copier Services’ choice to ensure continued industry-leading solutions for its customers," said Pat Nunnally, CCS president. “We believe the efforts of our combined teams will bring added value and greater opportunities with enhanced services and even more state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to our customers and communities.”

With the acquisition, CCS President Pat Nunnally is retiring. His son Lincoln Nunnally has become part-owner of Novatech with the full backing of the company and its private equity funding to not only carry on the family tradition but also expand services throughout the Greater Atlanta area.

“Working with the team at Novatech, I will help ensure we continue to build upon my father’s success in providing top-rated customer support to businesses throughout the Atlanta area,” said Lincoln Nunnally.

Founded in 1998 in Memphis before moving its headquarters to Nashville in 2004, Novatech is continuing with plans to expand its footprint throughout the South. This is the 13th acquisition for Novatech and the fifth in the past two years.

“As we seek to grow throughout the South, we’re reminded of Novatech’s mission to flourish as a team by delivering caring, efficient service and support to our customers and to each other,” Metz said. “We deliver outstanding equipment and service performance beyond our customers’ expectations, with the fastest on-site service available. That’s what sets us apart from all the rest.”

About Novatech Inc.

Novatech is an award-winning, managed IT and print services provider offering on-site and remote support of network infrastructure and peripherals. Founded in 1998, Novatech has been recognized 12 times by Inc Magazine for being one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. With 13 locations and revenues of $100 million, Novatech offers free cost analysis so customers may easily choose the exact solutions, equipment, accessories and software to meet their needs – within their budget. For more information, visit www.Novatech.net. Follow @novatechnet on social media for all the latest news.

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About Novatech, Inc.

Novatech is an award-winning, Managed IT and Print Services provider offering on-site and remote support of network infrastructure. Novatech has been recognized a 12 times by Inc Magazine for being one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

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