Dark Rhino Security, Inc Announces a Collaboration With Roundstone Management, Ltd on Cyber Insurance

Dark Rhino Security, a leader in delivering defense in depth to small and medium-sized businesses with value innovation is pleased to announce a collaboration with Roundstone Management, Ltd., a captive development, and management firm.

The collaboration with Rounstone Management, Ltd will provide Dark Rhino Security with a comprehensive insurance program and deliver a backstop to Dark Rhino's service agreement customer guarantee. This defense in depth offering is an industry first. Companies get real risk reduction, not theoretical calculations, with material support resulting from cyber malfeasance. Dark Rhino's services agreement provides the peace of mind that comes from having a Dark Rhino Security, Inc, a professional cybersecurity firm, with engineered processes and controls and technologies delivering a layered cyber defense. Clients will also retain the opportunity to obtain cyber insurance coverage from their own secondary sources. The defense in depth approach dramatically lowers the cost for businesses to have true multi-layered cyber defense aligned to the NIST framework.

About Dark Rhino Security

Based in Dublin, Ohio Dark Rhino Security is a leading MSSP/MDR innovator providing comprehensive "DEFENSE IN DEPTH" to small and medium businesses. Founded five years ago by a team of Management consultants, and cybersecurity experts with extensive U.S. military experience, Dark Rhino Security is the leading value innovator regarding cybersecurity solutions in North America. Dark Rhino Security was founded on technical innovation and is driven by value innovation. Value innovations comes from strategic technology partnerships and engineered and integrated processes that are scalable and thus enable exceptional service at volume pricing.

About Roundstone

The Roundstone group of companies was formed in 2003 and includes Roundstone Insurance Ltd., a Bermuda insurance facility. Today, Roundstone delivers insurance management, captive facility creation and consulting services to numerous off-shore and domestic insurance facilities for more than twenty different captive insurance programs. These insurance programs cover both employee benefit and property and casualty exposures. 

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Manoj Tandon
Dark Rhino Security, Inc.

Source: Dark Rhino Security, Inc.