Dark Rhino Security Delivers State-of-the-Art Cybersecurity Protection That Provides a Competitive Advantage

As cybersecurity attacks happen every 39 seconds, Dark Rhino focuses on technical innovation and value innovation for small and mid-sized businesses

Dark Rhino Security

Dark Rhino Security, an innovative MSSP/MDR providing comprehensive "defense in depth" to small and medium businesses, promotes cybersecurity as not only risk prevention but a business advantage in the marketplace.

Dark Rhino was founded five years ago by a team of veteran management consultants and cybersecurity experts with extensive U.S. military experience and is led by CEO Kevin Casey, a strategist who rose through the ranks of a top-five management consulting firm to running the IPO of a $3 billion company and launching seven start-ups.

"Companies have seen cybersecurity purely as a question of, how can they mitigate and manage risk?" Casey said. "But the pace of digital transformation forces companies to shift their thinking to the question of how they can leverage cybersecurity to give the company a competitive advantage. Companies that make the right decisions now will render their competition irrelevant."

Dark Rhino's mission is to deliver technical innovation, driven by value innovation, and provides solutions that are easily implemented and with major long-term benefits. Via partnerships and efficient internal processes, Dark Rhino Security can deliver enterprise network security that is 30% less expensive than comparable programs, integrating seamlessly with in-house security teams or managing cybersecurity end-to-end.

Dark Rhino Security's skilled experts guide their clients through scoping, implementation, and monitoring of comprehensive solutions for multi-cloud environments, providing affordable, world-class cybersecurity solutions that protect data, operations, and reputations.

Dark Rhino Security clients include a major North American logistics provider who sought to implement a robust IAM Solution on complex legacy systems with minimal operational downtime. The company selected Dark Rhino for its flexibility and willingness to accommodate legacy systems, along with its transparent approach to migration without impacting business operations. For a leading health organization, Dark Rhino successfully protected sensitive patient data with a rigorous cybersecurity strategy that now safeguards more than 92% of Ohio's 11.1 million residents.

Dark Rhino is also known for a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity insurance program, through a collaboration that provides a backstop to the company's service agreement customer guarantee. 

To learn more, visit darkrhinosecurity.com.

About Dark Rhino Security

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Dark Rhino Security is a leading MSSP/MDR innovator providing comprehensive "defense in depth" to small and medium businesses. Founded five years ago by a team of management consultants, and cybersecurity experts with extensive U.S. military experience, Dark Rhino Security is the leading value innovator regarding cybersecurity solutions in North America. Dark Rhino Security was founded on technical innovation and is driven by value innovation. Value innovations come from strategic technology partnerships and engineered and integrated processes that are scalable and thus enable exceptional service at volume pricing.

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