CyberLandr Shows Functional Prototype, Announces Promotional Pricing Ends Soon

The prototype for the innovative RV created specifically for Tesla's Cybertruck can deploy at the touch of a button.

CyberLandr In Four Stages

Stream It, Inc. today released a teaser video showing a functional prototype of CyberLandr™, the innovative camper made for Tesla's Cybertruck. 

CyberLandr transforms Tesla's Cybertruck into an adventure vehicle. It provides a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office when deployed — while disappearing completely within the bed (or "vault") of the Cybertruck when stowed. 

The prototype is constructed of the same advanced composite panels planned for the production model that make it both impressively strong and light.

More details will be released through CyberLandr's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram channels and through email directly to reservation holders in the near future. 

CyberLandr has garnered a tidal wave of attention recently, including from Tesla founder Elon Musk. He gave the RV the seal of approval, calling it "cool" when asked about it on Twitter by the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley group. 

"Debuting a functional prototype is a terrific step for CyberLandr and also for Tesla's Cybertruck," King said, "because it transforms a Cybertruck into a Lifestyle Vehicle. Whether you prefer wilderness or urban adventures, this supports your activities with a mobile tiny house. It also transforms the camper and RV experience by giving users the technology and comfort they expect, while still being able to fit in a normal parking space or a drive-thru." 

Stream It® also announced that the launch promotion pricing that saves buyers a minimum of $5,000 will end Sept. 30, 2021. And the often requested CyberLandr branded merchandise (including shirts and hats) is now available for purchase at

About CyberLandr 

CyberLandr is a high-tech, luxury camper that turns Tesla's Cybertruck into the basecamp for urban or wilderness adventures. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and solar energy, CyberLandr lets you make your home any place your wheels and imagination can take you thanks to its zero aerodynamic drag. CyberLandr is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first mobile-capable, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more or reserve your own CyberLandr, visit

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