Improvements to CyberLandr Allow It to Grow While Cybertruck Shrinks

CyberLandr uses long wait for Cybertruck to make many improvements.

Stream It, Inc., the creator of CyberLandr, today announced that it has used the long wait for Cybertruck to make hundreds of improvements—both significant and subtle—all while working hard to maintain the price when the reservation was made.  

CyberLandr lets Cybertruck owners take a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office anywhere and everywhere they go—whether that is through rugged off-road terrain or into a parking garage or drive-through. Until now, having an RV meant having a bulky vehicle that wouldn’t fit in your garage, couldn’t traverse a drive-through, and wasn’t fun to drive. And since Cybertruck and CyberLandr are both fully electric, you will soon be able to enjoy nature while treading more lightly on the environment.

Earlier this year, Tesla announced Cybertruck would be shrinking a few percent so that it could fit in a standard garage. That resulted in the bed being reduced by about 5 inches in length and around 4 inches in width. Rather than reduce the size of CyberLandr, the designers and engineers worked hard to make it bigger and to include customer feedback from the original design. Lance King, CEO and Chief Designer, said: “CyberLandr is now better in almost every way, and we look forward to showing the new and improved model very soon in a Cybertruck. We had planned to unveil CyberLandr in a Cybertruck at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, but when the Cybertruck delivery event slipped to November 30th, we had to reschedule the unveiling to early next year.” 

Tesla’s anticipated slow production ramp of Cybertruck has led to one of the most significant improvements to CyberLandr’s second-generation design. Unlike virtually all other RVs that are fabricated from standard components, it will instead be manufactured using custom dies and molds like most cars. This will provide better economies of scale and result in a higher quality product. The new and improved version will begin to be unveiled once all the new patent protections are in place. 

Improvements have also been made to the insulation, which makes CyberLandr more comfortable while using less energy, so off-grid stays can be extended. The bed is now even easier to set up and more comfortable, lighting has been made about 20% more efficient by moving from 24v to 48v, the recirculating shower is easier to use and has less maintenance, and the list goes on and on. 

Now that Cybertruck will soon ship to customers, we will stop using renders and begin showing CyberLandr in Cybertruck. To commemorate the last of the renders, we wanted to share a render we never requested. Rather, the artists were so inspired by CyberLandr’s ability to be self-contained that they dreamed of using it on the moon and watching the Earth rise over the horizon. We hope it inspires you too. 


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About CyberLandr™ 

CyberLandr is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first mobile-capable, AI-enhanced, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence that will also provide the technology platform for CyberLandr. Watch this two-minute video to learn more, or visit to reserve your own CyberLandr. 

Source: CyberLandr

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