Like Cybertruck, CyberLandr to Use Advanced Electrical System

The 48V system minimizes wiring and helps control interior and exterior lights and security cameras of the disappearing RV/camper.

Tesla announced during its most recent Investor Day that it will abandon the 12V electrical system used in vehicles for the last 60+ years in favor of a more modern 48V system. CyberLandr, the disappearing RV/camper for the Cybertruck, announced it had also independently planned to utilize a 48V electrical system. 

Utilizing a 48V electrical system minimizes the wiring by connecting lights, cameras, sensors, and other devices to local controllers around the vehicle and then connecting those controllers to the main processing unit(s). This reduces complexity and weight, and makes assembly easier by reducing the amount of wiring for both the Cybertruck and CyberLandr.

"Using a 48V system eliminates the need for 12V lead-acid batteries, which tend to fail every few years, and means that both the pickup and RV will benefit from the same modern architecture. We believe this will make Cybertruck and CyberLandr the first in their respective industries to adopt this technology," said Lance King, CyberLandr chief designer and CEO of Stream It, Inc. 

CyberLandr has seven compute nodes, each connecting through a single cable that carries both 48V power and data. These nodes control the dimming of lights, exterior surveillance cameras, the LED lighting, and much more.

Additionally, during its Investor Day call, Tesla outlined what it will take to convert Earth to sustainable sources of energy that will improve lifestyles while costing less than sustaining the current fossil fuel economy. Elon Musk said, "What we are trying to convey is a message of hope and optimism…based on actual physics and real calculations not wishful thinking …Earth can and will move to a sustainable energy economy, and will do so in your lifetime."

CyberLandr was honored last year with the Green Concept Award from the European Union for its eco-friendly features.

CyberLandr's aerodynamic design reduces or eliminates drag so it has a minimal effect on range. CyberLandr's solar panels provide clean energy and even help recharge the Cybertruck's battery to increase range and/or the amount of time you can stay off-grid.

The invisible, electric induction cooktop can bring water to a boil in half the time of a gas range while keeping the countertop cool enough to touch. Heating and cooling will also utilize the Cybertruck's battery, which completely eliminates the need for fossil fuels like diesel and propane and the safety issues, smells and inconvenience of refilling that come with them.

CyberLandr is also equipped with a recirculating shower for longer showers without running out of water. Shower water is heated inline, and recycled water is passed through a four-stage filter that includes UV light sanitization. With this design, CyberLandr doesn't have to carry as much water, reducing its weight and the frequency of filling the freshwater tank.

CyberLandr allows people to take their living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office anywhere and everywhere they go. 

About CyberLandr

CyberLandr is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first mobile-capable, AI-enhanced, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more or reserve your own CyberLandr, visit

Source: CyberLandr

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