CyberLandr Re-Invents the RV, Elon Musk Calls It 'Cool'

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Lance King chose transformation over layoffs and invented a high-tech luxury camper for Tesla's Cybertruck


Lance King, the CEO of AI and real-time analytics firm Stream It, faced a dilemma: When the COVID-19 pandemic decimated his business, he had to either lay off most of his employees or create a new product in a completely different arena. 

King is a Tesla fan. He loves his Tesla 3 Performance sedan and had just placed his order for the company's groundbreaking Cybertruck. But there was one downside: He wanted a camper and no camper on the market would fit the Cybertruck's unique design. 

So he decided to invent one and to have his company create it. 

The result: The CyberLandr, a high-tech, luxury pop-up camper that turns Tesla's Cybertruck into the basecamp for urban or wilderness adventures. The innovative camper disappears into the bed of the Cybertruck, is powered by AI and solar energy, and features zero aerodynamic drag — crucial for electric vehicles, where aerodynamics greatly affects range.

Designing an ultra-modern camper might seem like a stretch for a company like Stream It, makers of an analytics solution based on artificial intelligence and advanced sensors, with transit companies as its main clients. But King realized that his dream and his team were a match.

Just as Tesla, an outsider, had revolutionized the automotive experience, King knew it would require an industry outsider to revolutionize the RV. And, like Tesla, that outsider would need to be a company with a track record in innovative technology and AI and the ability to apply "first principles'' and systems thinking to re-invent what a camper is. 

The more King thought about it, the more convinced he was that his own team had the perfect skillset. "The talent, hard work and ongoing determination of our Stream It team made the decision to pivot an easy one," he said. "They are the force behind the CyberLandr, and have played a critical role in re-inventing the RV to create the ultimate adventure vehicle."

King recalled the moment when he pitched his idea to his team: "After about 30 seconds of stunned silence, Bill French, our chief analytics officer, said, 'A disappearing camper? That's cool as hell, count me in!' His enthusiasm was infectious and the team agreed."   

Their gamble has paid off, with more than $75 million in pre-orders and an estimated demand of 10,000 units per year. And that demand is likely to grow after CyberLandr recently got the ultimate in one-word endorsements: "Cool," from Tesla founder Elon Musk himself.  

Musk was responding on Twitter to a post from the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley group, which shared a video of how CyberLandr lets people take a bedroom, bathroom kitchen, living room, and office with them anywhere and everywhere they go. Other features include a recirculating shower, wireless connectivity through a Starlink satellite, free-standing seating, and much more. 

Now through July 30, register to win a free CyberLandr at And, for a limited time with just a $100 deposit, save $5,000 during the launch promotion discount by reserving a CyberLandr at, by contacting or by calling 888-815-9790. For more information, visit

About CyberLandr 

CyberLandr is a high-tech, luxury camper that turns Tesla's Cybertruck into the basecamp for urban or wilderness adventures. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and solar energy, CyberLandr lets you make your home any place your wheels and imagination can take you thanks to its zero aerodynamic drag. CyberLandr is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first mobile-capable, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more, visit

Source: CyberLandr

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